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Stepping out.

Sometimes life is such a bitch that you have to step back and let her do what she wants.

There have been times over the last few months where instead of fighting her, I’ve just given up and let her win.

The time has come that I need to take a step back from everything and try and sort myself out. I am in definite need of my holiday in October.

All my social media and blogs will be left to do own thing, which is probably not much at all, until I figure out a few things. Whether I come back yet remains to be seen.

keep writing all your wonderful posts,



It’s Monday…again

The start of a busy week.
Will this stop anytime soon?
Not likely. I’ve worked, sometimes late April maybe.
And then it will start up again with something else.
Blogs come in, blogs get read, deleted, commented on.
And not in that order. Emails come and go,
again, read, delete, respond to.
It’s all become a never ending circle.
Same things, day in, day out.  With many a detour and diversion.
No routine to get into, something just has to get in the way.
Every time.

Normally I have no issue with Monday’s.
Right now, I do. It means it’s starting all over.

This at least made me smile.

This morning's sunrise.

This morning’s sunrise.

Jen 🙂

It’s valentines day…

And you want me to do what with it.
I’m so over valentines.
Sure when we were younger, way younger and new to this whole love caper, we did the odd bit of Valentines lovey stuff.
These days, life has changed.
We’re older, still married, more in love than ever, and have teenage kids.
But that shouldn’t stop you, I hear you say.
True. Nothing should stop you really.
But why should it be just one day only.
Why not show each other every day.
The eldest is celebrating his first valentines day.
And in a few days, the first anniversary.
And where is hubby.
At home, but not.
He’s off on a bike ride with friends.
But even if he were at home, what would we do.
Maybe go and have coffee. And that would be it.
Not flowers, no chocolates, no surprises.
I used to work for Hallmark, so I’m over all the ‘seasons’.
It was fun, but it wears thin when you’re working a season 6 months ahead of time.

I say do what ever makes you both happy.
But women, give your man a break.
Expectations, mind reading and high maintenance ideals.
Get back to basics. Does he have to try and win your love all over again.
If you’re truly still in love then it should be something that happens daily.
In the small things.
The hugs, the kisses, holding a door, paying compliments. Easy stuff.

Have a great day whatever you decide to do and may it roll into a wonderful weekend.

Ps. It seems I am a day ahead of myself. Oops. It can stay, one day won’t change much.

An Echidna scared my dog.

I was going to add a video to this post but found out too late that I have to pay for the priveledge.  Hmm.  For the cost vs quantity of videos I’m likely to upload, it’s not worth it. I’ll just show the pictures I took instead – nothing amazing.

And yesterdays post without attached video.

While there are plenty of echidnas around the place I have not seen one in my garden yet. I’ve seen them wander across the highway, but no in my garden, and neither has the dog.

The poor thing was beside himself wondering what the devil this thing was. By all accounts of where I saw it come from, it must have walked right past his nose and scared him silly. The first I knew about it, was him going nuts. In a strange excited manner.
I grabbed the camera but by the time I got outside it had already buried its head in the bush and the dog was pacing and barking, and growling…. and pacing, pouncing, growling… all very bewildered about this strange creature. It didn’t want to attack him, it just ignored him, and all his noise.

(Not available for your viewing pleasure) I got a little video of him before I gave up watching and went back inside. It goes for a minute and is neither overly funny, (I missed all the good stuff), nor exciting, but you can see how he is not sure about this creature invading his yard. Bunnies and wallabies he likes, butterflies and bumble bees he chases, but this thing… well, it spun him out.






Jennifer 🙂

12 years ago today, the world changed.

Twelve years ago I was organising a birthday party for a five wear old.
Any stress I had pales in comparison to what was going on elsewhere.
The world changed forever on that day.
We shall never forget those who lost their lives, you are always in our hearts.
May you rest in peace.