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Stepping out.

Sometimes life is such a bitch that you have to step back and let her do what she wants.

There have been times over the last few months where instead of fighting her, I’ve just given up and let her win.

The time has come that I need to take a step back from everything and try and sort myself out. I am in definite need of my holiday in October.

All my social media and blogs will be left to do own thing, which is probably not much at all, until I figure out a few things. Whether I come back yet remains to be seen.

keep writing all your wonderful posts,


Zero to Hero update

It’s day 12 and so far I have completed 7 of the challenges set. Day 6 was try a new element, add something in that I haven’t done before. Spicing things up a bit by changing it around is all good, but I’m not going to do it just because.
I haven’t been out to explore the neighbourhood much, but I do have a list of bloggers who’ve visited me that I should really get out to look at. So that will be another done (once I actually do it) and another challenge which I try to do anyway, is leave comments. More specifically, leave at least 5 comments a day on different blogs. Sometimes I just don’t have time, which is where that lovely little ‘like’ button comes in handy. You know I’ve been, but I couldn’t stop to chat.
Another day I found a really cool link, but buggered if I can find it now. It was all about pictures and photo apps. I use my phone a lot for taking pictures and then uploading to my blogs, I also use the ipad (after transferring pics from the camera card) so I used that particular challenge to find an app I could use with both iOS and Android. Not always easy, Apple can be picky about sharing sometimes. But I found it. And it’s pretty cool. Snapseed. Does so many cool things, and very easy to use. Go check it out.  All I need now is a similar one for the laptop…
Other tasks were doing the about page and adding widgets.  I’ve done both, changing titles here and completely re writing my About page. Pop over and check it out, let me know what you think.
Today’s task is to make a post based on a comment I made on another post. I have one in mind that might just work. Expand the comment into a post, and link back to the original blog.  Easy.
And my gratuitous picture for today will be…. (I declined the extra gratuitous shot of bikini clad girl)

Why do I write, more rubbish and mushrooms.

(notice where the comma is, ^^ although you probably didn’t even see it :-))

I was looking back over a few posts and realised one I wrote could have been finished, or expanded on. I’ll try to do that. I’m filling space here procrastinating going through several hundred photos to find the right ones for 3 separate posts. I’ve deleted the ones I don’t want (ie: the totally out of focus ones) and getting just a little excited at the prospect of a bike ride on Thursday. Motor bike, not push bike. The gloves, helmet, jacket and boots are all there, just sitting quietly in my foyer waiting. Actually, if we’re going to be precise, the helmet and gloves are with hubby, but pedanticism is pointless.

I’ve had a few friends tell me lately that they’ve read my blogs and really like them. Of course this is good, but, and I have a low self-esteem when it comes to my worth on this, I wonder about what it is they like. My writing – the what and how, my pictures… I am chuffed, of course I am. When someone pays you a compliment, it does make you feel good, and I always appreciate it, but still I wonder. I don’t ask. Why? Does it matter. If they say they like it, I’ll take it at face value and believe they like it.

What do I write about and why do I write it? that is a question I often ask myself.
My very first blog was part of the old website and it was all bead related. Then I started posting about our holiday we took at the time, and then it went from there. I would put all sorts of things down. But why? Actually, I really don’t know. Then again, why am I even writing this post?
I am not political, or over analytical, I don’t care particularly about a whole host of subjects. My opinions are neither here nor there on most things – I’m a fence sitter – But still I continue to write about anything and everything.  And that’s just the way I like it.
Multi faceted  blog. Acquired taste. Interesting.
Weird, strange little Aussie blogger.
And wacky mushrooms on my lawn.



Enjoy Trippy Tuesday,
Jen 🙂

(and 401 posts published. just thought I’d add that in)

Who’s reading? what’s been written? and other silly nonsense

Just another post about stuff while I’m thinking about my 2 year blogversary. Why should I be thinking about it, dunno,  just seems to be the thing to do.
ooh, look I’ve been blogging for ~insert time frame here~ now, let’s have a party!!    Ok, that wasn’t called for, but it’s been nearly two years and I have changed, grown and now have more blogs than I poke my keyboard fingers at.  I remember when someone (my sister I think) said she was starting up another one, making it 3 and I was thinking it was too much.  Pah, now I have 4.  What was I thinking?? Obviously I wasn’t, and still aren’t. 

Who’s reading you??
I’m not talking about the masses, the people who just read and follow blogs, or the bloggers that follow.  But family and close friends. People you actually know.  In real life.
Did you have to drag them kicking and screaming into the blogosphere (like WP suggests when starting a new blog) or are they supportive and follow you regardless.

Do they like what you write, and are they prolific commenters, or do they just read and stalk watch from the sidelines.

My mum and sister both have blogs so I know they read it, and I think my dad sees them from comments he’s made occasionally. As for the other sister and my brother I can’t answer for them.

Hubby has said he likes to read it as he likes to look at my photos,  it gives him insight to what I’m thinking, and he likes what I write, plus I’m funny apparently (it’s in his best interests to say nice things) .. Yes, we do talk to each other, but this is a different type of talking.

My kids think I’m weird and don’t really get it, while Mr 9 keeps asking why I’m taking pictures of food all the time (well, not all the time).

What choo writing???
Why do you write your blog?
Why did you start it?
Too many thoughts/opinions running amok in your head, you’re really a writer,  or you just want to share your craft..? (nope/nope, nope and yes)
The reason you blog now, is it the same as when you started? (kinda)
Have you changed your ideas, or just expanded them? (expand?! I’m trying to shrink, not expand..grr.  oh, ideas. yeah, have none of those generally)
Do you have more than one blog for different aspect of YOU?  (yup, that fits the bill!! )

And other silly nonsense
Stats put pressure on me.  Sure I like reading them, but I don’t pay too much attention to them.
Take this for example.. in my first year of blogging, 8 mths (May-Dec) I had 1729 views.   In my first full 12 months I had 8590 and in the first 3 months of this year I’ve already had 1788.   Not bad, but if I crunch them around a bit,  this means I have to get an average of 188 views a week to equal all of 2012’s numbers.
Sure it’s possible, but my numbers generally go nowhere near that.
Pressure like that.  I don’t need.
So I look at them for a base guide and nothing else.
I am an acquired taste (hmm,?) so unless something amazing is written and WP think I am worthy of FP then … well who knows.

And another thing, completely unrelated to blogging, but related to me..
I am incredibly proud of my eldest son, 16.  His insight and comments about a certain topic were highly mature and I nearly cried (gawsh, you just a big sook).  There is hope for him yet, lol ;

Have a great week, and some more coffee  🙂

Book review – Vokhtah

We’re in a book shop. Which direction would you go. What genre would you make a bee line for?
For me, the sci-fi/fantasy section would be last on the list. Well, maybe a tie with politics, but you get the idea. Not my cup of tea.
So it was a surprise to me after reading the blurb of a fellow bloggers book that I opened the wallet and bought it. It drew me in and I was compelled to check it out.

I like my books with real life characters and places, things I can relate to. Words I can pronounce (mostly anyway). I don’t mind watching the odd sci-fi or fantasy styled movie, I am a visual person like that, but books have to be based on something ‘real’, whether it’s murder and mayhem, espionage, humour or the odd chick-lit.

I’m not sure what I was expecting. Except that it had to draw me in long enough to want to finish it. And it did that. I was surprised to find that although it was a struggle sometimes, without a solid picture in mind of scenes, I was determined to finish the book. There are not many I have not finished and I didn’t want to add this to the list.

By the time I was a quarter through the story started warming up and I was now curious to find out what happened. A few times I was confused as to what was happening and where characters were in relation to the others and the rest of the story, but these times were short lived by back reading a bit. (I tried to read it as quickly as possible to eliminate this from happening again, I think 2 days is not bad)

The main characters were definitely likeable and I found myself hoping they would survive. The storyline was solid and yes, everything well described. Astonishing well. I would have liked a map of the planet and where they travelled to give me a better perspective (maybe the book itself has one) so I could follow along with the visual; a list of the hierarchy would have been helpful also. On the other side, it did include a dictionary and pronunciation guide which proved helpful.
Over all a very well written, exceptional novel which I am glad I read. I may not be a sci-fi convert but this was well worth the read. If you like the genre, get the book!!

Vokhtah by A.C. Flory is available on Amazon and you can read her blog here at Meeka’s Mind.

This was written from the mind set of someone whose idea of sci-fi starts and ends with the likes of Star Trek, (which has not been watched) and who prefers her books with more human than alien characters.

Happy reading 🙂