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The boy and his bike

My eldest son is loving his bike so much he asked for a photo shoot this afternoon, even on the proviso I could publish him.
Clicking on the picture will take you to my photo blog to see more of the biking fun.
As I get back into lugging the camera around, and sorting my travel pictures, that will be where you will find the majority of them.


Snug Falls

We took a wander off to Snug Falls this morning with friends – sunny but fresh weather, icy cold at the falls, easy and fun exercise for all.
It takes about 30 mins to take the 1km walk down – it’s uphill all the way back! – but with the recent rain the falls were in full flow with the surrounding area looking lush and green (albiet slimy) with lots of photo opportunities. I have to practice with my water shots as I only got a few out of today’s lot that were worth even a consideration for publication.
The mini gallery will be up tomorrow on the Box but here’s a couple to keep you going.



Saturday wanderings

It wasn’t quite raining, and not too cold so we got the wellies out, packed the dog into the car, and armed with cameras headed for a local shipwreck.

We walked around the point at the waters edge and returned an hour later – right in time to miss a small but heavy rainfall.

Pink gumbies off for a weekend walk

Pink gumbies off for a weekend walk

Photo of photos on cameras

Photo of photos on cameras

More pictures to come later.

Tarraleah Road trip – sneak peak

Sweet Sunday Serenade

For something different. This little guy was so cool, just standing around on the lawn waiting for me to capture him.
End even with the zoom right out, and my unsteady hands, I still got him in focus.
Beautiful weather, perfect for a bike ride,
Have a great Sunday.