Stepping out.

Sometimes life is such a bitch that you have to step back and let her do what she wants.

There have been times over the last few months where instead of fighting her, I’ve just given up and let her win.

The time has come that I need to take a step back from everything and try and sort myself out. I am in definite need of my holiday in October.

All my social media and blogs will be left to do own thing, which is probably not much at all, until I figure out a few things. Whether I come back yet remains to be seen.

keep writing all your wonderful posts,



6 responses to “Stepping out.

  1. The blogging is fun, but only to a point. It’s hard to keep it going when life has its needs to be met. We’ll see you when we see you!



  2. Be kind to yourself and take care. I hope you come back but if you don’t I am glad to have ‘met’ you.

    If you ever want to talk –


  3. Best wishes


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