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Fly away Friday!

It’s time for the weekend, so fly away Friday, and let Saturday rise beautiful.
An end of the week gratuitous picture of my dog and a bird for Fly-away purposes, because it took so long to get the picture.





Have a great weekend,
Jen 🙂


Weekly Photo Challenge – Unusual POV

This was a little harder for me as my usual MO is up close and personal macro style. Or looking across at something.
So unusual for me, is looking down on or up at. Which is how I chose to do this weeks challenge.


Weekly photo challenge: Focus

For some reason there is a keg lurking in our little patch of bush. So this became my ‘focus’ today.

Jennifer 🙂

Words elude me, so here’s a picture instead

I’ve been having trouble getting the words right to write something worthwhile, nothing was working. I even had trouble uploading this picture.
Think of the fun times, kids having fun, escape your adulthood of a few minutes…


Road Trip

We’re taking a couple of days off and visiting my sister. It’s a 500k drive but the scenery is just gorgeous. I’ll be back on Monday, hope your weekend is good and for those going through a bad time, my thoughts are with you.


Park at Campbell Town.

Jen 🙂

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