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House Reno update

It’s been a while and lots has happened since I last posted pictures. It’s starting to look like a house studio now.
I can’t wait til it’s all finished and we can move in for the Art Trail come September. I also can’t wait because I know mum will be in in heaven with being able to create in a warm and comfortable area, all just a stones throw from the house, rather than a cold shed. And dad gets his nice office too.

Looking through the studio from the office towards the house.

Looking through the studio from the office towards the house.

View from the driveway side - corner office and store room.

View from the driveway side – corner office and store room.

The connection - from studio to house.

The connection – from studio to house.

North view, large windows and a deck space.

North view, large windows and a deck space.


Not happy, but not sad either…

Ok, while I am very happy with how my iPad is working and what I can and do do with it. This WordPress site is driving me silly. The upgrade makes it similar to what I would find on the laptop, but it is still weird when it comes to spell check and adding pictures to the body of text is, well let’s say I haven’t figured out how to make it happen, and I am just a little impatient.

Enough of that, I have to apologise to Judith, I think I deleted your comment after I replied to it. Oops, and sorry.
I have moved my studio…. Yes, I now have LOADS more room. The lounge is now where I used to be. It’s small and cozy, although watching movies as loud as hubby likes them, might make me go deaf that little bit quicker. ;}

I have lots of work to do these next week and a half before the big 3 day Art Trail.
I also have to get going with my website updates….
S if I’m a bit quiet, that will be why.

On a fun note, we went bowling today, and if we keep it up, my eldest son will out shine his father. He was pretty good back in the day, well he still is, but someone is catching up. Fast. I love bowling and it is a great family outing which we have to do more of.

Keep smiling, and if you like check out the other blog for a small post on my moving…. (http://marcatodesigns.wordpress.com)

Busy busy but very happy

Thankyou all for your birthday wishes. I had a fabulous day. We are not big on presents generally, but I got a few surprises, which as very sweet. My husband is a darling! I got lots of hugs from m eldest son, who had to laugh as he is nearly a whole head taller than me! Yikes, how to feel short.

We got to talking about stuff (yes we do still after all this time) which turned into a discussion about craft room vs lounge – further than I anticipated – and we are now moving my studio into the bigger room, and making the lounge smaller and cosier. Right next to the kitchen so there is less running through my space… Post coming soon about the move! I also received my camera connector kit for the iPad, so pictures will be so much easier to add in now. Again, very happy! I think I found myself a bag … Lots of happy here at the moment!

I feel like I am neglecting my readers if I don’t post every couple of days, and I have many things running through my head on what to post, just not enough hours in the day presently. I am still here.

There are big things happening here over the next few days, which may get a mention at some stage. But first things first, rebox for moving ‘house’.

Mr 8 came home from school and gave me this beautiful note, very cheeky but oh so cute, and how can you to smile and give him a hug.

On the front it has my age, and the back has an “I love you mum”

Keep smiling ūüôā


I think I need to clean…

My creative space is always a work in progress and until I find just the right work tables that will fit my space easily then it will just keep on doing the shuffle…

the bag of grapes I ate whilst tidying up - that and many coffee's

Ok, so I was bored and took pictures of the grapes…

My problems:
–¬†the bay window.¬† I love the window for the light it lets in and the view but it has made those little weird little corners where nothing will fit.
–¬†there is only a couple of feet before the corner of the house so that creates another corner that¬†makes it¬†awkward to¬†fit furniture in.
Рit is through way!  There is a door on one side to the kitchen/dining and just half a wall on the other backing onto the lounge (this wall is partly the chimney).
Рthen the french doors (right between said corner of house and walkway into lounge.
– on the back side of the chimney someone has ever so kindly put up floating shelves (at stupid heights) so I am limited with what goes underneath…

But am I complaining… well, just a little bit.¬† I have my tall boy (large chest of drawers, not tall children, although two are taller than me…) under these shelves with a cd rack one side and filing cabinet with jewellery storage on the other.¬† Works fine.
Against the back wall facing the kitchen is my mega set of shelves (I was so happy when we found these, they are the perfect fit for all my beady boxes).  Next to this was a space that was a pain.  There is a double power point here which means certain boxes or containers cannot fit or have to look messy sitting at an angle.

before - a mess.

I was in a second-hand shop close by the other day and spotted the perfect set of shelves РI measured, ran home (drove), measure my space then went back and paid for them.  They would be the Perfect Fit! And they are.

after - in progress

I just need to find a space for my market boxes when they’re not in use… hmmm.¬† That is 3 large plastic containers & a suitcase, then two others with odd props and the like in them.¬† A lot of space required.

My desk, as always was stupidly messy.

new shelves, and an email stating I needed to take my trestles to market this week (guess what I use as a beading table??) meant I had to get to work.

My plan was to put all things from the tall boy into the new shelves and¬†utilse the¬†tall boy for all my materials and sewing bits… ah, yeah… that was a good thought…

will all this fit into the tall boy..?

‘Business’ things fit into some funky baskets on the shelves, then comes the fun part getting all my glass, resin, clay, and light tent to fit in the space so it is easy and I know where everything is…
Well, I got started, and by the time I went to bed was pretty pleased with myself… not for long.¬† I woke this morning to another stupidly messy desk…. now I could have taken the easy way out and just stuffed everything into boxes and been done with it. But I didn’t. Put everything where it belongs so I don’t have to back track later.

I was meant to tidy the table... I thought so. This is clean compared to the night before.

Now to get all the material to fit in the drawers… like that’s gonna happen!

ooh, look, more little jars to put beads in....

neat, semi sorted beads and findings

a clean and tidy table….

and the piece de resistance….

full, finished and looking soo much better ūüôā

I was going to do some more sewing tonight and get¬†some new¬†bags ready for the market – well one is nearly done.¬† Just a little hand sewing of beady fringelets¬†to do.¬† the others… nowhere near ready to sew even…

Now the table has sewing all over it, but that will be easy to move later on. Now, I best get back to it if I’m going to get at least one more done..

keep smiling ūüôā

Vintage and Retro Rock! – Op-Shop Party

A few weeks ago at one of the Woodbridge markets there was a Fab new¬†stall – clothes.¬† (Check out Audrey & Elizabeth on Facebook)¬† Now, as you may already know – I LOVE clothes, especially second-hand.¬† Aside from the price, they’re already worn in and softened, plus if you don’t care for the latest fashions, and are happy to spend time scouring the racks, you can pick up some really good quality pieces.

After having a look through the racks and seeing a few nice things.. like the bright red jeans! the lady told me that she can do home parties… you know the sort, like Tupperware, only clothes.

I was sold.  I took some cards and over the next few days asked around and found there would be enough interest to hold a par-tay.

Date booked, with a friend inviting most of the ladies (I don’t know too many after being away, see here) and myself a few, I got organised with the food.¬†¬†I am a shocker for these things.¬† Always have too much food.¬† If 10 are coming I end catering for 30. lol¬† I look at it and think, ‘no, I need more’.¬† So all I wanted was dips, bikkies, egg sangas¬†(everyone eats them, no matter what they say about eggs) and cupcakes.¬† Easy peasy, and no stress at all.

mini cupcakes - they went down well.

my tomato tarts. I cut them in half for smaller nibbles.

I also¬†decided to make something I had not tried before.¬† Now I know the rules here, don’t¬†try something new when you have guests coming as it often doesn’t work.¬† I figured by making my tomato mini tarts early and¬†they failed it wouldn’t matter and no-one would even see them…¬† They did¬†work and¬†were all eaten.¬† Not bad I say.

This time around, because I have never had much luck with these types of parties (ie, no one turns up) I was going strictly casual, no stress, not worried at all.¬† And it worked.¬† Of course, there are a few nerves before it all starts, but judging by the noise and the fact there were half-dressed¬†women in three different rooms I think it was a¬†success. ūüôā¬†¬† I must say thanks to my son’s here for staying their room with the door shut and behaving.¬† I am proud of them ūüôā¬† I think the thought of seeing women half-dressed was enough to keep them at bay, lol

The best part about this, and what made it more relaxing was that aside from a small gift for having a party & on getting a booking, there are no other incentives.¬† It doesn’t matter if people only buy 1 thing or 10.¬† Or nothing.¬† Like that’s ever gonna happen.

Before the lady had finished setting up people¬†were looking¬†and some had items ready to try on… that’s how it goes… there was also a congregation on my beading corner with drawers being opened and lots of comments about Christmas, and mother in-laws…

I did have to cull my¬†¬†pile of clothes… but I am very happy with my purchases… Colorado 3/4 pants, those red jeans, a funky pair of striped pants (fit like a dream and are sooo¬†comfy I didn’t take them off again..), a brown vest (bought to match my skirt), a blue jacket, a red bomber style jacket, and numerous tops.¬† Ten things for $52… Now you can’t go to any other clothes party and get value like that.¬† Plus, no one else will have the same items. Unlike, other said parties…

the most comfy (& funky) pants i have worn in a long time ūüôā

the other items I picked up. including a pretty floral top/dress, the most gorgeous frilly tanktop, and a great blue jacket.

Two of my friends have booked a party, so come next year, I’m off again.¬† I have thought of doing this quarterly… wonder what hubby will say.

back to the jewellery… I was not going to promote my goodies as such, because¬†it was not about me, but on having fun and being with friends.¬† Having said that I sold 2 items, have a hold on another and a tentative booking for some wedding jewellery in Sept next year.¬† Plus a local¬†lady who owns holiday accommodation has taken a small stack of cards to put in the rooms…

All is good, despite the rain, misty horrible stuff.

Keep smiling ūüôā