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Come and check out my website!!

Hi there everyone. I have been busy completely sorting my jewellery and updating and tidying my website.

I have some more items to upload, but please come over and check out the new clean theme and all the pretties I have for sale – loads of necklaces and bracelets.

Don’t forget to share with your friends if you like what you see.


New Blog up and running

Like my photos? Love them even? Then pop over to my new blog and check out a whole Box full of them.

You can still find my charming little stories with pictures here while the new site will be pictures only.  Anything and Everything. And lots of them. No holding back with how many I want to post.
I am still fiddling with the theme to find just the right one so bear with me for a while.
You can find Box of Photos here – http://focustophoto.wordpress.com/
I’d love to see you there.
(as an aside, I hit 11,000 views the other day. Not bad for 18 mths on a bit-of-everything blog)

another blog…?

I have been thinking lately, not sure if that is a good thing, about maybe having a separate blog just for my photos. The idea would be that I still do pictures and their stories here but then have another purely for showcasing photos. Posts would be a title, a location and then just pictures.

There would be some duplicates of what is here but it will be all types of pictures, (from my Marcato blog, and maybe the Woodbridge Market one as well) not just nature. Putting my best pics forward.
Is this a good idea, going for a different genre of follower or is it too much.

I started this train of thought after trawling through all the themes for blogs here trying to find one that i can include some sort of gallery on my page where I don’t have to hassle with codes or needing to change the pictures in a pic widget. (royal PITA). Something that would highlight the pictures, make them stand out.

While my new Marcato blog is good,  I’m still not 100% happy.  The post layout under the top post is not what I want.  I might change it again, probably back to the Twenty Ten theme, although I should upgrade that to Twenty Twelve.
I do like this new layout, Coraline, as the pictures are good, but may go back to a single side widget.

What do you think.  Is a fourth blog worth having a look at, (pun somewhat intended) just for photos or is it too much?

Jennifer 🙂

Photo Friday – take 2

While I didn’t get to do exactly what I wanted this morning, I still managed to get out and take some pictures.  All 65 of them. The problem now is choosing which ones get published, and how many is too many…? Of the good ones I’m happy to post, that still makes it about 50.
I think for future Friday Photos I’ll have to give myself a theme – or maybe you guys can help.  What do you want to see me take pics of, or rather, what would you like to see pictures of??

MISSING: Photos. :-/

I one of my old posts ready to go save for a few pictures to jazz it up.
I am now having a mini meltdown as there appears to be photos missing from the computer.  Not many, maybe 7000. Yeah right, not many indeed.

The first time the laptop died I was in mega meltdown mode, to the point that when hubby found and restored all the photos I cried. Tears of joy mind you. 17000+ photos. (I was amazed when I saw that number initially, but really, should I be surprised) This is our whole life from about 2004 onwards.  Not something I want to lose. Documents and the like I don’t care for. Photos are something else again.

It happened a second time and there seems to be pictures still missing. I just didn’t realise how many or what they were. Including, yep, you guessed it,  our latest trip and the one I was trying to post about.
Of course hubby has pictures, but he doesn’t take pictures like I do. He’s way more cautious. I just let it out and go for it. Where he has 10 I’ll have at least 30 of the same things.  Photos are a way of telling stories, and there are some stories we just don’t have now. Memories are all well and good, but pictures add to the atmosphere and stories you tell. Clarification, you might say.

I have looked through folder upon folder, opened everything and checked it out. Nothing. Nada. Zip.
Now I’m pretty sure I took photos of this holiday, I can recall what some of them were, there are always pics of the campsites for starters and I go nowhere without my camera). I have found the 2008 and 2005 trip.
And all the weird miscellaneous pictures I would take of the kids stuff.  I am a photo nazi.

Just coz I’m feeling nauseous from the fact I’ve lost more pictures, that shouldn’t mean you have to miss out.  So I’ll find a few.  First let me get that glass of badly-needed-to-settle-the-nerves-wine… Oops, that went down a little too easily. Where was I? pictures, ok… let’s see what I can find.

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have a good day 🙂