Weekly Photo Challenge – Family

I have so many pictures that can be used in many interpretations of family. and with rummaging through my old pictures I’ve found so many really cool photos. Fond memories that bring a smile to your face, and a chuckle or two.
This one is of our extended family at one stage in Mt Isa….

Such cute little babies.

Such cute little babies.

The best of all - George was just awesome (and  just a tad randy)

The best of all – George was just awesome (and just a tad randy)

So many, and so quick on their feet.

So many, and so quick on their feet.

I know it’s supposed to be one picture, but I couldn’t decide. Many happy hours were spent in the back yard with these beasties. I’m not a lover of little critters, but even I fell in love with them.


11 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Family

  1. I’m sorry but … are they hamsters? Gerbils? Other? I’ve never owned any of those kind of beasties so I’m curious.


    • That’s ok, they’re guinnea pigs. And because I wasn’t sure of the difference between them all took a quick look and here’s a link with a few answers. Hope it works. But I just googled “difference btn …”

      They are gorgeous pets! very friendly and tameable. Ours were pretty free range where we lived, until we found the cat and realised why their numbers were dwindling.
      I looked out of the kitchen window one morning and there was a cat sitting in front of their cage watching and waiting. It was after that we decided to get rid of them, as well for their procreation skills.


  2. One plus one = one too many. Love it.


  3. We used to have the same problem, and finally had to get rid of the boy. I advertised in the paper to give him to a good home with cage included, and someone called and started asking questions – turned out they were planning to serve poor Wilbur up for dinner. I said no way. the babies are sure cute though.


    • Ah yes. I know all about law of the jungle, and the Portugeuese like to eat them, but still I hated the thought. When we finally said enoughs enough, they went to the pet shop, where they freeze them for people’s pet snakes. I had to just not look back as I left the shop. They were so cute.


  4. Wow! How many did you have?


    • Tell me about it. We bought three, not knowing how often they copulate and how well the reproduce. There were about 12 or so at one time. And then we learnt they can get pregnant within hours of giving birth.. ouch. And we soon learnt George was not the Georgina we thought she/he was.


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