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There goes 2016

The time has come to farewell another year done. To welcome in the next 12 months, make those resolutions and reflect on what has been.

So much has happened for us this year.

My job is steady while my husband has just started his third due to unforgiving circumstances.

We got through the red tape that is the Govt with finances and are on the way to building our first home – there is much to learn and we look forward to this.

Mr 20 is cruising along with the gf and work and invites himself to dinner on regular basis.

Mr 17 finished year 11 and within a week gained himself an electrical apprenticeship. We are ecstatic and he is happy in his quiet, unassuming way.

Mr 12 has finished grade 6, getting ready for the journey that is High School and in February will become a teenager – fun times ahead.

My running has taken me on an incredible journey. I have learnt so much, and from not even making 400 kms to nearly hitting 1100 kms in a year. I’ve run a marathon with two more planned for 2017. I am super proud of what I’ve achieved.

Our family has grown so much this year. A new strength and resilience residesΒ within us. A certain peace and happiness that can only come from new learnings and each other is present.
The new year will bring new adventures, new knowledge and more growth. There is always something new to learn – about ourselves and the world around us.
I’m so proud of my family, the things we have done this year is incredible, the support we have for each other, and the closeness that is there is the best feeling.
I look forward to a happy, productive and amazing new year. Not everything goes the way we want it, it’s our response to that which shapes the outcome, shows us who we really are and what we are capable of.

Have a great new year and I hope the sun shines more than it rains and you smile more than you cry.


What’s on my mind…

Sounds a bit Facebookish that. But no, this is post 3 of the Zero to Hero 30 days. And to be honest, I have no idea.
Of what I was thinking when I first started blogging or when confronted with this Challenge.
Let’s go back to the beginning. Three years ago, before I started on WordPress and had my other blog thing I was writing. It was about sharing my beady adventures and was pretty shit really, looking back on it. I had a break of sorts (after we moved interstate) and then got into WordPress, almost by accident, and I still wasn’t sure what was going through my mind. You know, there are still times when I wonder why? But I enjoy what I do so I keep going.
And what was I thinking with this challenge? Could I do it, and have some sort of success? This month was going to be busy enough with everything else happening without adding a daily challenge into the mix. I have so many challenges going on it is a challenge to get them all done.
I read my sister’s post yesterday about this same conundrum and as she said about getting her mojo back it hit me. That was what I needed. Something to get my inspiration back, my joy at writing, sharing, taking pictures, making with my beads…
It’s working write right now., I’ve had a good day updating all the posts, and re writing history. I still cringe when I read some of the old posts, as I’m sure I will in a few years reading this one.
And there you have it. What’s on my mind right now, (actually it’s bed, let’s not split hairs).

Day 4 is about getting into the Reader and finding new blogs – I’ll try, but might call it a day off. There are other things I need to work on first.
Catch you πŸ™‚

Writing challenges

I like writing. For the most part it is enjoyable. I am not a writer. I don’t want to publish a book, or be published anywhere really but my blog.
Wordpress have their writing challenges sure, but the topics all seems so bland to, I get nothing from them. I am a visual person. Give me a picture and my mind will start forming a story, a scenario. I have plenty of photos, from way way back to the present, but they already have their stories. I want new ones. New pictures, new stories.

I would like to do a Sunday short story post, with the idea that you send me a picture – within reason – and I will write a short story. Something to keep the creative juices flowing.
If anyone wants to help send me an email, you’ll find it on the About page.

Have a great day πŸ™‚


A new challenge.

Ok, first things first. so day one of the birthday is done. My birthday is actually tomorrow, Friday, but due to hubby not being able to contain himself it started today. I had a great day, and tomorrow is looking up to be busy with mum taking me out.
There will be several posts tomorrow. A general god I feel old birthday rundown, and my two food reviews. I’m going to keep each place as a separate post, so today’s and tomorrow’s lunches will have their own little spotlight.

Secondly, a friend has suggested I take part in another photo challenge. Considering with what happened to the last one – a picture a week – how am I going to manage a picture a day. For a whole year!
Yep, she thought I might like to take part (or do my own) in the 365 Project. Learn about yourself, learn new skills and take one picture everyday to celebrate the year I was 40. (Yeah, that’s my great milestone :-/ ).

I love the idea, but am a little wary about giving up, forgetting etc, so I decided to help me out, I will post the pictures on my photo blog. If I have that commitment, to one blog only, then I think I can do it.
If you guys want to throw some topics or suggestions about pictures to get or take, that would be cool, but some of the comments I saw on the web pages were more about making it a memory. A place, a thing, I did, I wore, a new haircut….. So we shall see.
It is also about learning more about your capabilities as a photographer and your camera. I like that. I need that.
Plus I am pretty well ready for most challenges.

Starting tomorrow, into the Box of Photos I will be posting my pictures.
Look forward to seeing some of you over there.

Have a great night, or day, and have another coffee for me won’t you.
Jennifer πŸ™‚


Saturday Gratitudes (on Monday)

I’m starting this weekly challenge thanks to Judith over here.
I don’t know what else to say, so I’ll just jump straight in with it.

I’m grateful for my friends. This week has been super busy, and I was in a pickle, partly my own doing, and a friend jumped in and helped, no questions asked, without a second thought, to help.

I’m grateful that my husband loves his work. Particularly as he has to leave us to do it. Now while this is not unique, flying interstate for a week at a time (soon to be two weeks) is hard enough, without having to hate your job as well.

I am grateful that my kids are healthy and happy. Simple.

I am grateful I have very few limitations for selling my jewellery and doing my craft.

I am grateful we live in a beautiful part of the world that really only has to worry about first world problems.

I told Judith it would be short, while I am grateful for many things, I am not practised at writing them down, which means thinking amount them.. Ok, I do think about them, but not for writing them down purposes.

Have a great day. πŸ™‚