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McMansion Monday and the week ahead.

Following on from the title, the dog now has a super sized kennel. I’ve nick-named it the Doggy McMansion for its size. An apple bin and a half, fully insulated, with plaster walls, and when were finished it will have a proper roof with shaded area on the grass for him, and guttering, and he even has a verandah. Spoilt much.
Putting it here from construction in the carport was a feat of brute strength. Picture a scene from some movie where kings are carried on thrones through the streets, a man (or more) at each corner. That was us. Thankfully the dog was not anywhere near his house.


For the rest of my week…
Photography – I’ll see what I can do. Nothing planned, but I need to get out there.
Crafty – there are felt bags to make, or at least try some test ones, a market to email and see if there are spaces available for this weekend and always things to make.
House and family – baking a few sweet treats and after a friend mentioned it, I need to buy some pork chops and do something amazing. Plus the organising of play dates, send hubby on his way and keep the troops fed, washed off to school, and getting the house shop shape for rental inspection (ugh), school photos for two boys,
Market – post market round up, start thinking on the next one, send out an email explaining some things.

Sounds like a pretty normal week for me, adding in the call outs to friends and appointments that invariably pop up.

Have a great one, and I’ll see you whenever I get the chance
Jen 🙂


Operation pillowcase

Who has square pillows? Not me, and I don’t need them either. A few weeks ago I bought what I thought was a bargain, pillowcases for $5 each, x 4. Two green and 2 blue. Beauty. At least now the doonas will match the pillows. Although I’m not fanatical about things being all matchy, the pillows, doona and sheet colour combinations on the bed was driving me nuts. Think sheets in cream and black, doona in navy and pale green and pillows in pink, cack brown and black.

On opening these cases and finding them all wrong – and after they had gone through the wash mind you (yes I opened them and tossed them straight in to wash) – there was a minute of frustration and annoyance before I folded them and put them away. A few days later I take them out and having another look realise how easy it would be to make them fit my pillows. They wouldn’t be even with the side bits but that wouldn’t matter. It was the colour I wanted. Besides, all we do is sleep on them, not stand there and admire them.

So today became operation pillowcase.

First up, I placed a normal pillowcase on the top and pinned the edge, for sizing and cutting purposes.

Unpicking the side and end seam was easy.

The excess area was cut off, then turning the whole lot inside out a side seam was sewn.

Back in the right way and I have a pillow case that fits.
Even if there is an extra bit on the end. No matter.

And it took all of 15 mins to do one.
And it looks so much better than the pink one don’t you think? Now all I need is a doona to match the pink and brown pillowcases…





So, it seems I have to work on this program a bit more. I tried to insert the picture near the captions, but it wanted to bulk them all together at the bottom.

Keep smiling 🙂 I’m off to do the other two cases now.

Flowerpot Heritage Quilt

Have a look at my mum’s post about a Heritage Quilt she made – showing the house we grew up in and the infamous rock at the waters edge.
It looks fantastic and the colours are perfect.

Quilts to dye for Blog

About 3 weeks ago I was asked if I had a quilt suitable to hang in the local Heritage Museum at Margate with other art works themed relevant to the Channel district, for the first month after the opening of the re-furbished museum.  No I didn’t, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to produce something small in the time – famous last words …

A couple of days of thinking later, I came up with the idea of using some of our family and historic photos, printed on to fabric.

First, find the photos – this one is of Flowerpot Rock, with a group of people picnicking on top, probably in the 1920s.

Then choose a suitable fabric from my stash

nothing quite the right colour, so a bit of dyeing to be done.

The Procion dyes turned out quite soft browns, and on the mop-ups the colours split, revealing lovely…

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from drab to Fab!! from wubbish to Wearable!!

I love free stuff, bonus with purchase etc… of course I am always careful with my choices ‘do I read that magazine?’ ‘will I use that scarf?’
Actually, the scarf I got, I have never used. Ever. Magazine has gone by the wayside, and the never worn scarf has travelled with me everywhere. Why. I really don’t know. It’s a latte/bone/light brown colour and quite long.  A basic neutral scarf.  With pockets to keep your hands warm.  But itchy as all buggery.  So why didn’t i throw it out?  No idea.  For some reason I just love that scarf.

It looks soft doesn’t it? That’s what mum said til she tried it on herself – it came off pretty quick though.  Materials used, polyester, nylon ?? and wool.
scarf - polyester, nylon, ??, wool.

I got it out the other day and decided to wear it – ~shudders~ “now I remember why I don’t, itchy silly scarf”  But, being in the frame of mind I was/am, next time I saw mum I asked if we could dye a piece of material and I could sew it on as a lining… bingo!

Long story short: we dyed several pieces that I could take my pick from. A little experimentation.  When wet, they look quite different, because the one that I didn’t like wet was the best one dry.
I went for a colour that was similar but richer as the scarf, I still wanted it to be a basic neutral one to wear.  So a rich dark brown it was. And it is perfect.
It was then ironed, cut and (borrowing mum’s machine) sewn onto the scarf.

Trying it on, I can see it’s going to become a favourite accessory.. (go figure?) comfy and warm, just the way it should be.  The original scarf was soft and squishy, it is now still soft but holds it’s shape better as it’s firmer.

I love it. Thanks mum!

Keep warm, or stay cool and be comfortable 😀

(oops… forgot the title, so here it is ‘updated’)

I have been rather busy this last week.  Not always the way I want to be, but, we can’t always have everything our own way.  I haven’t been able to read a lot of my emails, or blogs, so next time you post I will try to catch up, reading multiples as I get to them.  I try not to let them sit in my inbox for too long, this is how I ended up with over 300 of the suckers.  I did delete many, but as I said, I will return and catch up.

Hubby was home so we took a day trip to the Airwalk (there’ll be a post later on that one), we helped my parents with wood and moving furniture around for my mum’s shop, I started on my Circles project (which got me thinking about something else again) and then there was the general kids, work and weather which wasn’t always playing nice, making it hard to do things we wanted to.

I have a market coming up this weekend which I have been organised for (for once, early) although I will re pack my boxes just to make sure I have everything… some things have changed.

My circles are coming along nicely, the finished product looks like it might actually look good!
This gave me another idea. And now a new way to move forward (I seem to be doing a lot of this lately).
I found that doodling with the paint, and playing with material on a canvas gave me another sense of freedom to explore and express and be creative.  Mixed Media.  That was it.  Doing and making more items that are not strictly jewellery or bags, but could be collage, artwork, wearable art… whatever takes my fancy basically.  And as I have resin, clay and stamping tools I can add all or any of these items in – this is precisely what mixed media is – to make some cool items.

This idea was first sprung when a good FB friend suggested I use some of my nature shots on cards to sell.  She is impressed by my ‘skills’ as a photographer.  My mind then went zooming about at a million miles an hour – as it does anyway – and soon I am thinking “why not?”

I have some more mini canvases that I am going to collage and take to the market this week.  It is a bigger market than my usual one, and going on the first one they had, plenty of people coming through. So plenty of feedback.
I shall become a mixed media artiste. lol.
(At least my business name will cover all avenues I choose to do)

So with that I must fare thee well, and head off to bed.  After the last few nights, and especially yesterday (leave home at 9.30am and return at 10.40pm, with many ‘nothing-to-do’ gaps in between the jobs and not getting to bed for another hour)  I am now feeling weary; and if I am to survive a busy day tomorrow and do my walk at a reasonable hour of the cold winters morning…. zzzz

good morning, good afternoon and good night, for wherever you may be 🙂