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HNY 2015, it’s time for a break

I’ve tried to figure out the words to say this, going over in my head different ways of putting it out there. And most of the time what I am thinking would work, I just don’t remember what it was when it comes to putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard.
It’s a new year and I have to pull my finger out, head down-arse up, knuckle down, get a move on. Basically make some decisions and get on with the work that needs doing. This blog has been unused for some time, I’ve lost interest in the banality as I’ve branched out with others – food, photos, market, and my writing – and even my crafty one has been sadly neglected.
What I am saying is that I will be taking a hiatus from here but not from blogging altogether. You will still find me floating about the blogosphere.

I have to get out, take more photos and practice practice practice. I love the foody posts, it’s my way of sharing a little bit of my state with the world from a layman’s point of view (as compared to proper food bloggers/reviewers who pick everything apart and can be a tad pretentious). The market page is self explanatory and my craft, my lovely beaded work I have to get back into and blog more about it.
My writing, I am really enjoying what I’ve been working on, and hope to get it out there in some form. It’s a work in progress.

But enough of that. A new year means new beginnings, new adventures and learning new things.
For those that don’t already follow and haven’t seen my photos, check out the pictures of Sydney-Hobart yachts I took this morning. Clicking on the picture will take you there.

Thank you to all who have followed, liked and commented, it’s an honour every time I see the notifications box.
Have an amazing 2015, may it be big and exciting!
Jennifer 🙂


Alfresco Saturday – market set-up

I have a big fundraiser market tomorrow and today was designated set-up.
A beautiful sunny last-day-of-Autumn day.

Gotta have a coffee on hand for a job this big…..

Have a great weekend/Sunday.
Jen 🙂

McMansion Monday and the week ahead.

Following on from the title, the dog now has a super sized kennel. I’ve nick-named it the Doggy McMansion for its size. An apple bin and a half, fully insulated, with plaster walls, and when were finished it will have a proper roof with shaded area on the grass for him, and guttering, and he even has a verandah. Spoilt much.
Putting it here from construction in the carport was a feat of brute strength. Picture a scene from some movie where kings are carried on thrones through the streets, a man (or more) at each corner. That was us. Thankfully the dog was not anywhere near his house.


For the rest of my week…
Photography – I’ll see what I can do. Nothing planned, but I need to get out there.
Crafty – there are felt bags to make, or at least try some test ones, a market to email and see if there are spaces available for this weekend and always things to make.
House and family – baking a few sweet treats and after a friend mentioned it, I need to buy some pork chops and do something amazing. Plus the organising of play dates, send hubby on his way and keep the troops fed, washed off to school, and getting the house shop shape for rental inspection (ugh), school photos for two boys,
Market – post market round up, start thinking on the next one, send out an email explaining some things.

Sounds like a pretty normal week for me, adding in the call outs to friends and appointments that invariably pop up.

Have a great one, and I’ll see you whenever I get the chance
Jen 🙂

A proposition and mug shots.

“Roger wants you”

Hmm, ok …”if I were to consider this…”

While that may sound more like an indecent proposal, it was actually a business proposition. Something I could have gotten my claws into, a real challenge. But it was not to be.

For those who may not know, I am one of the coordinators of the local market, it’s fun but hard work and I’m loving it! (Despite numerical dyslexia rearing it’s ugly head all too often)
I’m in my element with this, organising and doing the computer work. My partner and I get on like a house on fire. We are from opposite ends of the pole but having our own strengths we don’t try and walk over the other. It just works, and we have a ball doing it.

A market I attended for a few months last year has changed hands in the last few months, and is now up for a new manager again.
I was sent an email asking if I would consider taking over.
My first reaction? Holy hell, what is this?
It came clear out of the blue, totally not expected at all.

I think about this for a few days, what has happened since they took over, what I could bring to the party and wrote my questions.

That woman can talk the hind leg off a dog. I asked my questions, got loads of answers and said I’d think about it.
And I kept coming back to the same answer. No.
There were too many alarm bells and questions for me to be fully comfortable with taking it on.
Plus it would mean Markets would almost be my job – without the same sort of payday. Payment is a direct reflection of how much work you put in and how people work with that.

I discussed with several people, then rang and gave my answer. No, not right now. Too much.
Two days later, this proposition comes into play.
With the original manager of the market.
I got to thinking – in between all the texts form the middle man (or woman as it happened to be) – and thought, maybe this could work. This guy has all the right contacts, is on the right side of the hill (which is a 40min hill to get over) and I can do loll the things he knows nothing about and can’t do. It would work quite well. I was getting excited again.

I would relish the challenge.

I then give him a ring to chat briefly.
“Run for the hills” is what he says straight up.
That doesn’t sound too good.
Over the course of our brief conversation, he tells me it’s simply being propped up and has become a ‘false market’ plus some of the not so nice things others have told him.
He says he’s not going to do it, too much to do, too many hassles, and the fact the current owners want a supervisor while they do the admin. Not on your life. A market is a hands on, face to face business. Not something you can hand over to a supervisor on the day.
Our goals and thoughts are definitely not on the same page.
I have to agree.
Not going to happen.

It’s funny. I feel a sense of loss, but an overwhelming sense of weight lifted. I did the right thing. I know that. Maybe in a few more years, but then I have other plans for the next few years.

The mug shots. Are exactly that.
No rolling eyes, no shutting eyes, no smirking, frowning and definitely no smiling.
Ugh. I hate getting these sorts of pictures taken.
Oh, look at that, it’s halfway decent. I can handle that for the next ten years I spose…

It’s a new week, and this one will be better. No more propositions and proposals, just back to the grind, back to the gym, research a few things, concentrate on my baby, make more pretties, ring people, and laugh louder.

Have a good one 🙂

Australia Day 2014

Yesterday was Australia Day, Jan 26th. Still a day of contention and BS. I’m not going to comment on any of that.
Each year at Kingston Beach – 30 mins north from us and 10 mins south from Hobart – they have the “Day on the Beach”.
Years ago it was all about the sand sculptures – which were amazing – now it’s a fun day out, beach cricket and volleyball, thong races (inflatable thongs, aka flip flops) with all the food, drinks and  entertainment you can poke a stick at.
Hubby wanted to go along this year and while interested I didn’t the idea of walking for miles after finding a car park. Problem solved.  Five kilometres up the road is the Sports Centre with oodles of parking. Bring in the double decker buses and for a small donation, park and ride with not traffic congestion.
In the end it was just myself and mr 9 who went.
I spent some time at the market along the road (gotta scout for prospective stall holders) while Mr 9 seemed happy to learn volleyball. And that’s where he spent most of the day. I had it easy.
Lots of pictures, met up with hubby and mr 14 who brought the bike for a spin, was sighted by, but missed meeting a fellow blogger and Hobartian (we’ve confirmed it was me she saw), got sunburnt, a long wait for the return bus, and finished off the day with a lovely bbq at my parents.

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