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Email hackers and apologies

I woke up this morning to find my email had been hacked and pretty well everyone had received some kind of virus (via the link in the body of the email).

Normally I’d not write this sort of thing, but as I have just asked you to send me your details via email, and I’m also not sure if any of you were affected – how this would happen I’ve no idea, as I don’t have anyone’s email – I thought I should let you all know.

If I did you send an email, it would be full of my strange verbal diarrhoea – you’d know it was me and that I meant to send it. I also don’t go round sending links without other info to go with it.

I want to sincerely apologise and hope that nothing happened if you did happen to receive it. I’m mortified at the problems it has caused, and hope it doesn’t happen again.

For those that would like a postcard and are wary of the email (I don’t blame you, I would be too) then please write a comment to any page here (i will be notified) and as soon as I’ve written it down I will delete it.

Sincerest apologies again.
Jennifer πŸ™‚

The secret thoughts of cherry tomatoes

I’m sure, just like the chickens in the movie Chicken Run, that they are well organised and planning their escape as I type. After all they nearly got away from me today.


I was in the supermarket grabbing a few items and more veges, hunting for the punnet with the best tomatoes. After looking at up to a dozen I found one.

And the the trouble started.
I must have over reached the trolley, the edge of the lid barely scraped the trolley and….
A glorious shower of tomatoes went flying across the floor.

After my initial shock, “shit” I stood there and giggled like a five year old. Looking up I saw two older ladies had seen it all and were laughing as well.

We picked up as many as we could find, and then I had to go looking for more nice ones. Their trip to my trolley was slower and more careful.

The great escape was foiled – for today anyway as they ended up in the doghouse bin.

We passed again in the baking aisle where I was next to the flour – one of them grinned and said she’d give me a wide berth. πŸ˜‰

Back to the kitchen b*#ch!

On an unrelated visit to mum this afternoon she gave me this package, “I think it’s a t shirt”. Oh cool, thanks πŸ™‚

I love it, (with a few less kilos it will look better!)

(I think I look just as crazy as she do too)

Have a great weekend πŸ™‚

Movie Decisions

I’m after a little help here. It’s not often I get to go to the cinema on my own. And the decision is not usually so hard.
I have to take the car for its service on Thursday and so have a few hours to fill in. What better time to actually get in a movie without worrying about what anyone else wants.

My choices are:
Iron Man 3 – want to, but is it that important right now?
Star Trek: totally not a fan of the shows, but I’ve seen the previews several times now and am really intrigued + I saw some eye candy in there.
Oblivion: not a fan of Tom Cruise, on or off the screen, but I saw some merit in the previews.
Fast and Furious 6: easy choice, of course, fast cars, lots of eye candy, but is there anything else?

Of course there are others, (kids movies, chick flicks and funny stuff) but these are the ones I am line for.
Wat do you think, have you seen any, what would you recommend??

Get that popcorn cookin’
Jen πŸ™‚

Metric vs Imperial

I grew up with metric measurements so why do I still see and say things in imperial.

I know what a 9lb baby is but not a 4kg one.
If you said someone was 6ft I get it, but not 180cm.
I talk in feet or inches as compared to metres.
I know the 1/4mile in drag racing but all other distances are kilometres.

I use metric for weights in baking,
Body weight/bathroom scales is metric all the way. Β Metric sounds so much better. Β I’d rather be 70kg than 160 lb. (either way it’s too much).

My 9 yr old recently just stated something went 4ft – now where did he get that notion from. And how does he even know how far it is.

Is this just me, or do other people have the same weird tendencies?

Jen πŸ˜‰