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Snake vs Crocodile

I don’t normally do this, but after seeing this on my Facebook I just had to share. I used to live in this area, and would often visit the place where this showdown took place. Scary stuff, particularly as snakes freak me out. Even still it would have been amazing to watch.
In our five years there, and countless visits to the dam, I never saw anything as remotely as exciting as this.
Each article has slightly different wording on what happened, and the first one has the most pictures.

(All the links are clean as far I know on attaching them).
Enjoy, if you dare,





Weekly Photo Challenge – Family

I have so many pictures that can be used in many interpretations of family. and with rummaging through my old pictures I’ve found so many really cool photos. Fond memories that bring a smile to your face, and a chuckle or two.
This one is of our extended family at one stage in Mt Isa….

Such cute little babies.

Such cute little babies.

The best of all - George was just awesome (and  just a tad randy)

The best of all – George was just awesome (and just a tad randy)

So many, and so quick on their feet.

So many, and so quick on their feet.

I know it’s supposed to be one picture, but I couldn’t decide. Many happy hours were spent in the back yard with these beasties. I’m not a lover of little critters, but even I fell in love with them.

Aussie Aussie Aussie oi oi oi

While I hate the saying, (reminds me of drunken yobbos at backyard parties, as heard from across the fence, not from actual participation) I am Australian, and it is Australia Day, so it’s my call for the day. Saying that, if I were anywhere else in the world at a sporting event I would be chanting as loudly as the rest.  Here at home, not so likely.

There are many that have called it Invasion Day, but today is all about celebrating what it is to be Australian, and our wonderful multi cultural people’s.  As well as any excuse to have another day off and spend the long weekend fishin’ and drinkin’ and proving just how yobbo many of us are.

We have a freedom that knows no bounds (well maybe it does, but that sounded pretty cool) and the wide open spaces that showcase some of the best scenery in the world.
A lifestyle that is casual and friendly (mostly) and food that reflects it. Yeah sure we eat one of the animals on our Coat of Arms, but it shows how completely we love our country we are (hmm, not sure about that one).

We have a knack, or rather a skill, at being able to laugh at ourselves and take the mickey out of everyone else, the all the abbreviations to go with it.

We live on an island paradise, with wide dusty plains where all you can see is the horizon shimmering in the distance, rainforests to delight and beaches to rival the worlds best. Our sunrises and sunsets are among the best and scenery is a photographers paradise.
We also have more deadly animals than (just about) any other country and are a continent all of our own.
What better place is there to live??

So I shall finish my Vegemite toast and wish all my expat and current Aussie friends a very Happy Australia Day.

(For new readers, check out last years Aus Day post here)


Fancy a little sunset day dreaming….

Crappy title, but one has to type something.

An old picture from our time in Mt Isa, this one at ‘The lake’ – Lake Moondarra. The end to another perfect bloody hot day.

Jen 🙂

Random picture day.

And finally I have legs up to here... only in shadow land though.

a bikies paradise.... outside Mt Isa.
Pity it is now 'hibernating' in our shed awaiting several transplants - I do like this bike.

another gorgeous day in Mt Isa ;-}
Yep, that's how it was... still is.

Jennifer 🙂

(pics from my old phone, hence the odd sizing)