An Echidna scared my dog.

I was going to add a video to this post but found out too late that I have to pay for the priveledge.  Hmm.  For the cost vs quantity of videos I’m likely to upload, it’s not worth it. I’ll just show the pictures I took instead – nothing amazing.

And yesterdays post without attached video.

While there are plenty of echidnas around the place I have not seen one in my garden yet. I’ve seen them wander across the highway, but no in my garden, and neither has the dog.

The poor thing was beside himself wondering what the devil this thing was. By all accounts of where I saw it come from, it must have walked right past his nose and scared him silly. The first I knew about it, was him going nuts. In a strange excited manner.
I grabbed the camera but by the time I got outside it had already buried its head in the bush and the dog was pacing and barking, and growling…. and pacing, pouncing, growling… all very bewildered about this strange creature. It didn’t want to attack him, it just ignored him, and all his noise.

(Not available for your viewing pleasure) I got a little video of him before I gave up watching and went back inside. It goes for a minute and is neither overly funny, (I missed all the good stuff), nor exciting, but you can see how he is not sure about this creature invading his yard. Bunnies and wallabies he likes, butterflies and bumble bees he chases, but this thing… well, it spun him out.






Jennifer 🙂

8 responses to “An Echidna scared my dog.

  1. -giggles- When I read the title of this post my mind immediately changed it to ‘An echidna ate my dog’. Sorry, my brain is weird like that. I’ve only ever seen one echidna in my garden and it was not at all fazed by either my cats – who kept a wary distance from its spines – or the yapping of my chihuahua sized dog. It seemed to be an echidna on a mission and just trundled along the fenceline until it reached the farm gate to my neighbour’s property. Hasn’t been back since. They are pretty amazing though aren’t they?


  2. If you have a Youtube page you can upload vids for free, I think.

    What a neat thing to see!


  3. I had to google it to find out what echidna is. Interesting creature! I’d probably react just like your dog if I saw one. 🙂


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