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Alfresco Saturday – spring morning


In typical Tassie fashion,
Winter wants to hang on
But spring is peeking through.
Windy, sunny and a little bit of rain.

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Weekly photo challenge: Carefree

What’s better than laying on a log and snoozing in the sunshine…


Jen 🙂

Snow in Hobart

Sunday morning.
0 degrees C.
8.30 am.
Icy roads and a little sunshine.
And The Mountain looking good with it’s ‘dusting of icing sugar’


Have a great day.
Jen 🙂

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Weekly photo challenge: patterns


I am also posting a different picture for each weekly challenge on the box of photos, so feel free to check it out.
Jennifer 🙂

Domain Walk

Just a random post about this morning’s walk.
I wouldn’t normally drive all the way into the city, especially not at peak hour*,  just to go for a walk.
Today was an exception.  The buses were not running (do not get me started on that one) so I had to deliver my eldest (& friends) to college, but then my dilemma was what to do in the 3 hours before hubby arrives at the airport.
Not enough time to go home, and no point either when it takes a good 45 mins each way.
So, I figure the best thing to do is take walk. The domain is relatively quiet at this time of the morning (just before 9am) and I only saw 3 others walking/jogging so I had a peaceful wander around the road.  Most of it is cut off from vehicular access so cars and trucks are not an issue.

According to the map and directions it was around 3.2k round trip.  Not bad seeing as I was going for my 5k walk otherwise (if it weren’t for the buses) and the view was pretty good.  I was going to get some pictures but there are just way too many trees…
A round view of Hobart and suburbs with a beautiful sun out.
Walk done, I change and enjoy a coffee while people watching in the Mall before taking the drive out to the airport.

As you can see my hand is not so steady on the drawing – and you dont want to know how long it took to get the picture, draw over it and then save it, just for your viewing pleasure – I am a complete doufas with most computer things, no matter how easy.  It’s the blue line by the way in case you weren’t sure.

domain picture

* I know, Hobart peak hour is a walk in the park compared to most places.

Hope you all had a great day 🙂