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Happy Hump Day

Nothing like hot coffee, healthy breakfast and a gorgeous sunrise to start the day.



Happy Wednesday
Jen 🙂


Sunday Roaming

On the way to market this morning the sun was showing some promise, and I was able to stop at ‘Vinces Saddle’ to get some shots – standing in the middle of the highway too.



Sleeping Beauty was looking resplendent with her wintery covering


And the main street of Huonville quiet at 8am with an undecided sky.


Fabulous Friday

It’s not quite a foodie Friday today – watch out next week though. Friday is an important day! – as we have been super busy doing everything and nothing. Why fabulous? We have friends coming round tomorrow, life is good, coffee always hot, and taking a daily walk (with hubby) or run (more like a jog really) has me feeling pretty good in all ways. Fabulous!

This week I have been busy getting things organised for my next market, creating and sewing. I’m waiting for some new pliers to arrive which will help me out no end, my display has moved up a notch with new business cards for display purposes and I’ve been in a making mood.

I did make a new dish, which went over down very well, and is super easy, which means keeping the neccessary ingredients wont be a problem at all.

Honey bbq roast pork.

This is the recipe I found: 2lbs pork ribs, 1-2 bottle honey bbq sauce, 1 cup brown suagr, 2 Tbspn maple syrup and this is what I did: 1.5kg (3lbs?) rolled roast pork, 1/2 bottle honey bbq marinade, 1 cup brown sugar, squirt of maple syrup and bbq sauce.

OMG. Divine. Melt in the mouth. Sweet and delicious. Even after thickening for gravy there was alot of sauce, but I like that.

The sunrise was gorgeous this morning and despite the battery dying on me mid capture, I did get a few nice shots. IMG_8946

And it seems Spring has come early. I know we’ve had a mild winter, but August is technically still a winter month. The blossom has arrived, and is looking pretty speccy.IMG_8958

Have a great day 🙂

Good Morning!


After 5 shots I finally get one that looks like what I see.
Have a grea day.
Jen 🙂

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Pictures, apps and social media….

Waste of time

All of the above.

It got me thinking as I played with another photo app to make cool cartoon pictures (damn you Metan!) which then brought this rather funny Nickelback parody to mind. Is this what we’ve been reduced to??

As you all on know, I like to take pictures. I don’t alter them, no photoshopping happens here. If I like a picture, it’s because it’s good as I took it. Any one can take a crap picture and play around and make it good. If I do feel the need to alter something – or use filters and apps – it’s for a bit of fun, to change things around a it. Not because that’s how I roll.
Back to this new app. Toon camera. Very cool.
I’ve had a play around and found a few pics that work well. I was going to show a before and after but I don’t think I will. And thanks to Hook who said he wanted more pictures, I will indulge and go nuts.
Lets start with this lot. I found that some pictures lent themselves better to being cartooned hat others. Boats I particular.