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Das Auto… VW rocks!

Tasmania is blessed with Australia’s best roads – a grab bag of twisty tarmac, mountain passes and sweeping bends…

For those that don’t know I drive a VW. A small SUV of kinds, the Tiguan. A hot little car that is superb on the juice, which is good for the wallet.
I often get people asking me about the car, this week alone two people have wanted to chat. My response? “Get yourself out there and buy one”. Well, not quite, but I am definitely a convert and have nothing but praise for this car.
Since we bought the car off the showroom floor we get numerous extras. Like the Das Auto magazine that arrived this morning.
I finally get to open it and there inside is an article on road tripping Tassie (in a Golf mind you, but whatever) so I read on and like what it has to say.

The Pacific is vast and still at my left shoulder, ….directing me south.

….Tasmania, on the other hand, has almost the same shock of the uninhabited, but it’s better. Rolling hills separated from stunning bays….

To the finale..

…Tasmania is a driving opportunity seized. The scenery is magnificent. The roads are perfect. Drive it in a (Golf gti) and you’ll have the time of your life….but here on the Apple Isle it’s mission accomplished.

Love Tassie, love our scenery and where the road takes you.
If you ever get a chance, you have come and experience it.

20140424-161154.jpgNot mine, purely an example.


And so the new year begins….

Yesterday’s post, was posted in haste. And thinking back, I daren’t read it again, it was rather negative, despite something totally exciting that happened minutes earlier.
So here is something a little more positive, because when all is said and done, it was a good year, and lots of amazing things happened.

– hubby and I took a weekend away to somewhere we haven’t been, and had a ball.
– I turned 40! and was completely spoilt by hubby and kids, family and friends.
– I made some awesome new friends and found out this is where I belong. I found that something special and I love it.
– my eldest got his first girlfriend (still going strong) and also has his drivers licence.
– I let the inner bikie chick out and am now officially hooked.
– started on an amazing journey through the tangled mess of Market management and made a great friend in the process.
– went from knowing absolutely nothing in my very casual job to knowing quite a bit and being confident in my competence in the process.
– and at the eleventh hour on NYE had an amazing thing happen (which will be revealed all in good time. believe me, I hate not being able to tell, but wait I must, and no I am not pregnant) which is mega exciting to me, maybe not everyone else.
– and most of all, watched my kids grow a little more into mature and responsible (for the most part) people.

This year is going to be big.
My kids turn (in order of birthdays) 15, 10 and 18.
Hubby is progressing in big ways with his work.
My craft will be taking a new turn – I really need to settle on one thing, but I love trying out new things – and taking a step up.
And because my hubby is so awesome, I am doing something amazing!!

Have a great new year, may all your dreams come true – if not, I hope you can work your way closer to them – and keep close to those that make you feel good.
Jen 🙂

Embrace the new, and kick out the old,
Follow the path, for it leads in many directions,
choose your destination, the sky is the limit.


It was the best of times, it was the worst of times….

This was my day. I had plans to write a completely different post until I got two lots of bad news, and sat in wonder at the…at the absolute waste and sadness of it all.
I had organised this day to within an inch of its life (after the new events I really shouldn’t say that) and all was going well, one or two small hitches but it all came together.
The best news of the day was that my eldest now has his licence. His P plates, that licence to drive without adult supervision. When I first heard of the minor dilemma, I was angry, then later realised I am happy I wasn’t there or I would’ve had a meltdown. Seriously, that’s where I am at the moment. But dilemma aside, he drove capably and is now licensed to drive, and barely got home before he took off to collect his girlfriend and take her out. I fear I shall never see him again…. (Again, not a good choice of words).

The other cool thing, mr 14 often misses out on things, so I really wanted today to go to plan so I was able to attend a mini awards ceremony. The Mystate Student Film Festival. Even though our school didn’t win anything, or even have our movie shown, we were one of the finalists which, when going up against some the bigger schools, is no mean feat. There were show bags – really good popcorn, a bottle of water and a rubber piggy bank. (We snavelled extras to take home, for the family). I must say there were some very good movies there, even for the younger age groups, which were about the 11 & 12 year olds.
Part of this post was to include a picture with a whole “outfit supplied by” caption, but I felt too frivolous and shallow posting things like that when there is so much else happening.
A third good thing, (I’m working really hard to find good things to write if you haven’t noticed) was mr 9. He is a force to be reckoned with, but generally well behaved. I had him walk to the post office to be ‘babysat’ til nan and big bro picked him up, and when I called in too say thanks, I was told he was quiet as a mouse and very well behaved. And then she called me a walking licorice allsort.

The last 3 days have been all shitty news. Death that is not foreseen, that happens when you least expect it, is the pits. And that’s putting it nicely. And whatever you thoughts of Christmas, when you leave a spouse and children behind, it becomes even more heartbreaking. A parent should never have to bury their child, no matter the age. I’m just happier with the latest news that hubby asked me to check the text he sent me and we were on the phone when I found out. Trying to talk while you are both crying is not good, and when there is 2000k between you, it make sit a little harder.
Death has affected some or all of my family in one way or another this week, and not only do I have to deal with end of school stuff and booking in when I can work, but now I have to let them know there is a funeral to go to.

But life goes on. It will be hard for many people for quite some time, and all we can do is be there for them. Christmas will never be the same, not in the near future anyway. I don’t want to face the day my parents are no longer here, but how do kids, who are younger than my youngest, cope with such a huge thing.

Normally when feel sad, I would go and do something to make my self feel better, but right now, I’m going to just stay this way, and go to bed. Tomorrow is a new day, a day to start moving along, and get things organised. I won’t forget, but I won’t let it dictate my next move either.
I briefly thought about not finishing a post about Christmas after this, but controversial or otherwise that it may be, I will still do it. It is not taking away from anyone’s beliefs, or what you choose to do.

Be well and be safe.
Tell you loved ones how much they mean, you never know when today may be the last.

Jennifer. xx

This is not my picture but it fits my mood at the moment. It was kindly sent to me by Professor VJ Duke.  I had ideas about  writing a short story based around the picture. I am still working on this slowly.

This is not my picture but it fits my mood at the moment. It was kindly sent to me by Professor VJ Duke.
I had ideas about writing a short story based around the picture. I am still working on this slowly.


What is the time??

Here I sit, watching the clock, wishing I could go to bed. Curl up in the warmth and dream. But no,I have to wait it out and then go out in the cold, drive a half hour to collect my son from work and come home. It doesn’t stop there. He has to start work again at 9 tomorrow. Which means, no sleep ins for anyone, washing being done at midnight and then the dryer at 7 when we get up.
One small problem, the clock I am watching stopped and hour ago, and the laptop hasn’t converted to daylight saving time, so is an hour behind. I wish it was still an hour ago. But then I would still be doing market blog work and no closer to going to bed.
I wont finish this before i have to leave – 5 mins, 10.30pm – and will probably do it when I get back. In my warm bed.

This was part of the post I was getting ready last night. I arrived home and at five to midnight I had added my link and pressed publish… I have no idea where it was published to. The never never I spose.
I just realised it Saturday, I knew it was, but sometimes you have that appointment and its way off in the future and the next thing you know, it’s today!! That’s how it is today.

All the work we’ve been doing on the market blog and its looking pretty good now. Initially it still looks the same, but we have lots of new pages – it’s a veritable one stop shop for the market now.
It’s certainly taken on a life of its own. I won’t go into it here, pop over yourself (blog link) and have a squiz, let me know what you think. Is there anything we might be missing?? There is one page I need to update, but that will come soon enough.

Have a great weekend 🙂

Day out, picture taking.

The morning broke sunny and fresh. Well, it appeared that way at 5.45, and was definitely that at 9 when I woke and on seeing the time decided that was enough of a sleep in.
After rousing the boys, starting my first coffee and thinking breakfast there was a knock on my door. The eldest was called into work, can he go. Thinking quickly, yes, I can still do what I wanted, I’ll just take the long way around.
In less than half an hour we’re out the door, apples in hand.
This was my planned trip. Planned on leaving home late morning and having a relaxing drive.

This is what I did. To Kingston, picked up more paperwork for son’s drivers licence, dropped him at work…

Kingston to Huonville. Went to make an appointment, need more paperwork, and have it approved, grabbed a bite to eat, by this time it was after 11 and we were starving.

And then I finally got to have my casual trip taking photos. I went off up and down roads, to see what was there, but with the wind picking up the water was too choppy and not inspiring.
We found a beach I’d forgotten about, thinking this will be nice for a sunny day and just getting out of the house. And it’s close by. If we play it right, we can take the dog too. Later in the afternoon, it was a game of tennis, housework, then a meeting that evening. This weekend includes a catch up with friends on both days. And this week isn’t going to be any quieter, especially with a market again on Sunday.
Some of the photos I took. There are plenty merge to taken all these places, but that can wait for another day now.





More photos can be found over here

Jen 🙂

Ps. Then there was the trip back to pick up son from work, take him again this morning (I’ve made him catch the bus this afternoon) and both days on the weekend for work. None of us can wait til he gets his licence and we don’t have to supervise anymore.