12 years ago today, the world changed.

Twelve years ago I was organising a birthday party for a five wear old.
Any stress I had pales in comparison to what was going on elsewhere.
The world changed forever on that day.
We shall never forget those who lost their lives, you are always in our hearts.
May you rest in peace.



5 responses to “12 years ago today, the world changed.

  1. Well done, Jennifer.


  2. I’ve been thinking lately, after Hawaii was hit by Japan in the 20th century….how long was it before people didn’t think about it very much….i’ve noticed lately that americans already don’t think about 9/11 very much, at least not they way they did the first couple years afterwards.


    • I spose that unless you are directly involved, we all get to appoint where you don’t think about it. It is always there, just not at the front of your mind.
      I think we’d all go mad if we constantly thought about all the bad things that happened, regardless of how long ago.
      We need to hang on to our memories, but not let them define us.


  3. Jennifer, I really appreciate this. Thank you.


  4. thank you for this. peace, beth


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