It’s Monday…again

The start of a busy week.
Will this stop anytime soon?
Not likely. I’ve worked, sometimes late April maybe.
And then it will start up again with something else.
Blogs come in, blogs get read, deleted, commented on.
And not in that order. Emails come and go,
again, read, delete, respond to.
It’s all become a never ending circle.
Same things, day in, day out. Β With many a detour and diversion.
No routine to get into, something just has to get in the way.
Every time.

Normally I have no issue with Monday’s.
Right now, I do. It means it’s starting all over.

This at least made me smile.

This morning's sunrise.

This morning’s sunrise.

Jen πŸ™‚

12 responses to “It’s Monday…again

  1. My life’s been a bit /too/ changeable lately. I’m actually looking forward to a time when I’ll know what’s happening from one day to the next πŸ˜€


  2. go for a ride on the cool bike!


  3. 3rd attempt, so this short. You won’t lose your blog friends if you miss a few posts — even 5 or 6. Maybe time to take a break? 😎


    • I’m not so worried about losing my friends. Taking a break is a good thing, but this one is non self imposed, kind of, as my motivation said ‘feck off’ and disappeared. It’s more a matter of moving through it.
      I hit a real low this afternoon, which is painful, but I have to let it run its course. (The fact my kids noticed says something also)
      Thanks Judith, I know you’re there, even if you are not always visiting.


  4. Same here, nanacathy2. The sun’s just going down here in the eastern US, and it’s still Sunday. I do wish I had that view tomorrow, though. They’re calling for a late spring snow shower or two. Gak.


  5. How lovely to see sunrise just as I am going to bed the other side of the world
    Good night.


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