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Wooden Boats and Hobart, part 2

Today is the conclusion of my photo essay of The Wooden Boat Festival including other scenes around Hobart.


And this has got to be the best little portable coffee van ever…






Looking out from Parliament Gardens….




Franklin Square and a map of Hobart’s CBD area….






And lastly, the GPO and an empty bus mall/interchange looking towards The Mall (Elizabeth St Mall) with the water a block behind us.



I hope you enjoyed this, as much as I love showing people where I live and how beautiful it is. ūüôā

My year in a post. Or a nutshell.

And so it is nearly time for this year to end and a new one to begin.
This year has been busy.
I’ll try and get it altogether. In some kind of chronological order where I can.

– The start of the year gave me a 13 and 8 year old, right at the start of school (as always, and very bad timing in our behalf).

– my friend from the U.S (Oregon) came to visit for two weeks. We met through Facebook (a beady page no less) and a wonderful friendship followed. While we had spoken several times on the phone, it is still nerve wracking to meet in real life and wonder if we will get on just as well. We should not have worried. All went well, and we had a ball doing some travelling round my beautiful state – well, we started, but didn’t get very far. Oh well, plenty more the next trip. My trip to the States is in progress…. Can’t wait.

– hubby moved job location from Western Australia back to Queensland where we had moved from 8 months earlier. A good move, closer to us in travelling time, and much easier with the time difference and phone calls.

– I started training in April for an 8k fun run in May setting my goal of under an hour. The Mother’s Day classic. Walk or run and have fun. I was pretty happy with my result on 5 weeks training and while I only just made it, I did it in 58 mins. I the promptly made another goal of cutting 10 mins of it for next years race. Smart. Not so sure.

– September brought about a 16th birthday and a Learners drivers licence, October, 18 years of marriage and November, Mr 16 finished his high school years.

– my blogging and Facebook friends have proven loyal and wonderful people. It may sound strange, but some of them I trust more of them more than people I know in real life.

– fitness and health wise. Ho hum. There were a few weird girly issues which seem to be under control now, but which turned me into super bitch and turned our life upside down for a bit. Fitness was hit and miss after the fun run, and then I kicked it up a notch, in September sometime. Not sure how much I lost, but my shape changed and I started to feel much better, mentally, physically and emotionally. By the second week of December, I had run out of steam and this month has been more miss than hit with gym attendance. I will be back with a vengeance next week.
The best part is that I am still healthy and none of us has been in hospital for anything major.

– hubby has done a short work block overseas, and will be doing more in the new year. A fantastic opportunity for him and a definite step in the direction he wants to go in. (While very happy for him I had a moment of jealousy as I never thought he’d get his passport before me…we both had to laugh at that one)

– family came to visit over Christmas and it was fantastic to see my brother and his family again. I had only seen them briefly 2 years before. So this was a great catch up. And he is a fantastic dad. My sister to stay as well with her 3 kids minus partner, so my house swelled beyond shape.

– Christmas was with my kids, parents and my brother. A lovely relaxed day. Boxing Day brought the arrival of my Aunt (to mum and dads place), my sister and then a surprise trip the airport to pick up hubby.

– I have shared many pictures, food adventures, and the fun days we spend as a family.

I look forward to an exciting new year, there are lots of things planned and goals to fill. The first one, Mr 16’s trip to Qld on his own to visit his friend. Leaving on New Years Day.

20121231-101652.jpg Hubby and two of mine with my brother and his two. Wharf area checking out the Sydney Hobart yachts.

Hope your year has been a good one, and you behave reasonably well over the new year period.
See you next year!
Jennifer ūüôā

Cruise into Hobart

A cruise ship arrived in Hobart this morning so on my way out I grabbed the camera with an idea to get lots of pictures. Once I got to town, I realised how futile my idea was. I have no idea how the passengers had walked into the city, and I wasn’t in the mood to get into trouble wandering around the working area of the wharf looking for an entrance.

I then filled the boat gaps with other pics of the city and Constitution Dock area.
This is my place. And I love it here.

The Voyager of the Seas. With the odd tree and building growing out of it. Bah.


Mt Wellington from Kingston, Ronald McDonald House in Hobart, opp the Hospital, and a sea plane.


Iconic Hobart ferry the Cartela, Parliament Lawns and Parliament House, (right opposite the water, and next door to Salamanca Place)


Street sculptures and Elizabeth St Mall – looking very bright.

Yachts on the ‘sea’ side of the dock, looking across Constitution Dock to the Museum and Sheraton, disused fountain in the middle of ABC round about, and double decker tourist bus.


My apologies… I changed my mind, and the pictures, but then didn’t upload the new one. Here is the shot looking over Constitution Dock to the Museum and the Sheraton.


NYE – Hobart style.

The New Year cross over is always a great time in Hobart.  Aside from the (hopefully) fab weather, there is the Sydney to Hobart Yacht race, and the Taste of Tas Festival (now in its 23rd year and bigger than ever).

Taste of Tas is an event which brings people from all over the country and the world to sample our fine food and wine in the best place possible.  By the water, with yachts at the dock and music playing.  See here for more info and pictures of this great event.

There are always loads of people, and everyone is so friendly and relaxed, it is just a great atmosphere.  The event is free to enter and with a plethora of street performers, bands and stalls to sample from it is easy to spend the day.  Meals and drinks are pretty cheap (around $20 would get you 3 courses & a drink) so testing 

 tasting everything (over several days) is easy.

Hubby and I would regularly visit ‘the docks’ for NYE, check out the taste and stay for the fireworks at Midnight.¬† Having been away for 7 years we decide to head back into town this year to check it out, despite having just picked up Hubby and Mr 15’s friend from the airport that morning.¬† Ten pm comes, we pile into two cars and head up the road.¬† Parking was considerably easy to find and the pedestrian traffic was not bad either.¬† The Falls Festival (Music) was on at the same time so many of the younger ones were there.

The docks were lit up, music blaring from the several bands playing and everyone was in high spirits.  Yachties had the berths to themselves for private parties and security guards/police in high presence.

Hobart Fireworks! From a fellow blogger on their page.  Taken from the water in Hoabrt.

If there is one thing Hobart knows how to do it is a summer festival, trees covered in fairy lights, yachts abound, music, ¬†awesome food and wine… what more could you ask for..??¬† Ok, so the light show isn’t in the Sydney, London etc league, but we love it anyway.

We look forward to many more trips to ‘The Taste’/’the docks’ for New Years. Bring on next year, oops, this year.

Happy 2012 everyone and keep smiling ūüôā