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First casualty of the season and a nice surprise

It’s a beautiful sunny day, 20+C, no wind, few clouds and I’m laying on the trampoline. Chilling. Minding my own business.  When a bee comes buzzing round my head. I swipe at it, as one does. Several times. Before it hones in and a split second before I can connect and knock it out, it lands it’s arse right on the side of my neck. Leaving it there. Sticking out like a tiny little spear.
Dodging all the stuff that suddenly appeared in my way, I managed to get inside without further injury, while the dog looks on perplexed, choice words being all I can manage.

A quick check in the mirror to see the bite location, grabbing a tissue and then carefully extracting the bee’s bum from my neck.
The relief was almost instant. A dab of cream and I’m all good.  The little bugger died. I tried to warn it. But it was determined to get me.
Well, I was all good until mr 15 says ‘what bee sting?’ and pokes right on it this evening. Not impressed at all. That hurt.

the little bugger who decided I was the mortal enemy.

the little bugger who decided I was the mortal enemy.

The nice surprise?
One of my neighbours had some protea for sale at the end of the road. Several times I drove past today, and thought how pretty they looked, I’d buy a couple later. I never got the chance. On phoning home this evening while out on an errand, I was informed there were two bunches of flowers left in our mailbox (it’s quite large so they weren’t squashed).
If/when I find out who it was I will definitely find a way to pay them. They are simply beautiful and it was a lovely surprise at the end of the day.

Gorgeous flowers. Now in my entry

Gorgeous flowers. Now placed front and centre in my entry hall


Japanese Gardens – Portland, Or.

This morning broke with overcast weather, that threatened all sorts of fun, but was thoughtful enough to play nice. It was decided we head over to Portland and see the Japanese Gardens there before doing the Saturday Markets.
There are Japanese Gardens and then there is Portland’s Japanese Gardens. Omg! Even though there were quite a few people there, it was not noisy and very peaceful place to be.
We spent a lovely hours collecting photos and memories.

The local plants that surrounded the feature of the Japanese worked in such a way as to make the Japanese aspect stand out as the point of difference.

So much has happened since Sedona, Az.

It’s been 3 days since I left Arizona and my last post here, but it feels like a lifetime already. We spent a lot of time in Seattle – a beautiful city I could imagine myself living in. After a lovely seafood lunch right on the water, a visit to the Space Needle was a must (actually, that was my idea, I really wanted to visit) and the view was amazing, the city was green and an eclectic mix of old and new.

Monday us girls went and did some retail therapy – you will see the results of that one day when I get home. And today, Tuesday, us girls went on a road trip up the gorge and checked out some of the most amazing scenery and waterfalls ever. Parts of the trip reminded me of home, which is not surprising. Oregon is about the same latitude as Tassie. It’s kind of a same same but different scenario.

Here are a few pictures of what’s been happening, and hopefully I’ll be able to post again soon.

Sedona, Az

Today’s trip was only a 2 hr drive north, this time to Sedona. Deciding to take a different route in we were up for a surprise or two. The good part, we saw views of this amazing place that you just don’t get to when coming in directly off the highway but the bad part. The road said 12 miles of rough. That was the longest 12 miles when it was more like a 4WD track, and while the car had just enough height, 4WD it is not.
We came and we conquered Schnebly Hill!
We stopped at all the places we wanted to on the trip down the mountain collecting many gorgeous photos.
Even though the clouds were out this morning, they were soon gone and had a beautiful blue sky to contrast with the red/orange rock and the lunch greenery.

Just a note.
I have been so busy, and taken so many pictures but they will all need a proper sort out and dealing with. I have a travel journal I am writing in to keep all my thoughts, postcards and other travel paraphernalia in and so I can empty my head of what I’ve done each day.
These short posts will be extended on at a later date maybe, or extra pictures simply put up on my photo blog.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I am loving being here and taking them.


Another beautiful Autumn day in Hobart.
Yesterday at Bellerieve marina and this morning from Kangaroo Point lookout, Bellerieve.



I’ve taken loads of pictures today, there’ll be plenty to show off later.
Have a great day Jen 🙂