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And so the new year begins….

Yesterday’s post, was posted in haste. And thinking back, I daren’t read it again, it was rather negative, despite something totally exciting that happened minutes earlier.
So here is something a little more positive, because when all is said and done, it was a good year, and lots of amazing things happened.

– hubby and I took a weekend away to somewhere we haven’t been, and had a ball.
– I turned 40! and was completely spoilt by hubby and kids, family and friends.
– I made some awesome new friends and found out this is where I belong. I found that something special and I love it.
– my eldest got his first girlfriend (still going strong) and also has his drivers licence.
– I let the inner bikie chick out and am now officially hooked.
– started on an amazing journey through the tangled mess of Market management and made a great friend in the process.
– went from knowing absolutely nothing in my very casual job to knowing quite a bit and being confident in my competence in the process.
– and at the eleventh hour on NYE had an amazing thing happen (which will be revealed all in good time. believe me, I hate not being able to tell, but wait I must, and no I am not pregnant) which is mega exciting to me, maybe not everyone else.
– and most of all, watched my kids grow a little more into mature and responsible (for the most part) people.

This year is going to be big.
My kids turn (in order of birthdays) 15, 10 and 18.
Hubby is progressing in big ways with his work.
My craft will be taking a new turn – I really need to settle on one thing, but I love trying out new things – and taking a step up.
And because my hubby is so awesome, I am doing something amazing!!

Have a great new year, may all your dreams come true – if not, I hope you can work your way closer to them – and keep close to those that make you feel good.
Jen 🙂

Embrace the new, and kick out the old,
Follow the path, for it leads in many directions,
choose your destination, the sky is the limit.



My year in a post. Or a nutshell.

And so it is nearly time for this year to end and a new one to begin.
This year has been busy.
I’ll try and get it altogether. In some kind of chronological order where I can.

– The start of the year gave me a 13 and 8 year old, right at the start of school (as always, and very bad timing in our behalf).

– my friend from the U.S (Oregon) came to visit for two weeks. We met through Facebook (a beady page no less) and a wonderful friendship followed. While we had spoken several times on the phone, it is still nerve wracking to meet in real life and wonder if we will get on just as well. We should not have worried. All went well, and we had a ball doing some travelling round my beautiful state – well, we started, but didn’t get very far. Oh well, plenty more the next trip. My trip to the States is in progress…. Can’t wait.

– hubby moved job location from Western Australia back to Queensland where we had moved from 8 months earlier. A good move, closer to us in travelling time, and much easier with the time difference and phone calls.

– I started training in April for an 8k fun run in May setting my goal of under an hour. The Mother’s Day classic. Walk or run and have fun. I was pretty happy with my result on 5 weeks training and while I only just made it, I did it in 58 mins. I the promptly made another goal of cutting 10 mins of it for next years race. Smart. Not so sure.

– September brought about a 16th birthday and a Learners drivers licence, October, 18 years of marriage and November, Mr 16 finished his high school years.

– my blogging and Facebook friends have proven loyal and wonderful people. It may sound strange, but some of them I trust more of them more than people I know in real life.

– fitness and health wise. Ho hum. There were a few weird girly issues which seem to be under control now, but which turned me into super bitch and turned our life upside down for a bit. Fitness was hit and miss after the fun run, and then I kicked it up a notch, in September sometime. Not sure how much I lost, but my shape changed and I started to feel much better, mentally, physically and emotionally. By the second week of December, I had run out of steam and this month has been more miss than hit with gym attendance. I will be back with a vengeance next week.
The best part is that I am still healthy and none of us has been in hospital for anything major.

– hubby has done a short work block overseas, and will be doing more in the new year. A fantastic opportunity for him and a definite step in the direction he wants to go in. (While very happy for him I had a moment of jealousy as I never thought he’d get his passport before me…we both had to laugh at that one)

– family came to visit over Christmas and it was fantastic to see my brother and his family again. I had only seen them briefly 2 years before. So this was a great catch up. And he is a fantastic dad. My sister to stay as well with her 3 kids minus partner, so my house swelled beyond shape.

– Christmas was with my kids, parents and my brother. A lovely relaxed day. Boxing Day brought the arrival of my Aunt (to mum and dads place), my sister and then a surprise trip the airport to pick up hubby.

– I have shared many pictures, food adventures, and the fun days we spend as a family.

I look forward to an exciting new year, there are lots of things planned and goals to fill. The first one, Mr 16’s trip to Qld on his own to visit his friend. Leaving on New Years Day.

20121231-101652.jpg Hubby and two of mine with my brother and his two. Wharf area checking out the Sydney Hobart yachts.

Hope your year has been a good one, and you behave reasonably well over the new year period.
See you next year!
Jennifer 🙂

Coming of Age

The time has come. It’s been some time in the making. But it’s here now. And it scares the crap out of me.

Rewind those years and I was plodding waddling along in the final stages of my first pregnancy. Waddling, yes, I was under some misconceptions that I figured out too late, and so looked like a beached whale for the last trimester.
I loved my belly, it was a beautiful beach ball of a belly, and moving into the final stages, i was getting everything into place. Well trying to anyway.
In one fell swoop that went out the window.
Baby shower at 34 weeks and my belly was this shape. I was young and naive but I knew something was different. How different I was soon to find out.
Next time I’m at the hospital for a check up i ask a few pertinent questions. Even I knew that leaking fluid was probably not the best thing to be happening at that point.
“we’ll keep you in and if you don’t have bub in a couple of days well induce you”
I really didn’t want to hear that.
I was nowhere near ready to have a baby. Mentally, physically, or any other way.
And it really didn’t help that there was a very vocal lady in the room backing into me. Little did I know that would soon be me.

Roll on several hours and my sister came to visit. I am so glad she did…. whoops, my waters broke.
I’m officially in labour. 8pm.
Somewhere around 9pm hubby finally turns up. (Hubby is night fill manager at a supermarket so working til 1-2am, ie, close near by as we lived 45 mins out of town).

Long story short. Don’t get pumped full of pethadine when you have a short labour.
2 hrs after it all started I have my baby. Yep, 2 hrs. (i got ‘lucky’ as my other two labours were both somewhere in that vicinity aswell).
No, I don’t have my baby.
His birth was not smooth and he came out blue, so straight into the humicrib and they whisk him away.
My worst nightmare (at the time, I have much worse now) had come true.
During a pre natal class we went through the labour wards and shown all the equipment that can be used depending on circumstances. Yep, I got them all.
Add to that I had a room full of doctors, nurses, specialists and probably trainees….sending room only peoples!

I am finally allowed back to my room and they bring my son to me.
I am still doped up and have no feelings at all towards this creature. It’s a baby, ok. Oh, it’s mine. Can I go to sleep now..?

On about day 3 I discovered I had a baby!! and so motherhood really began. I was a new young mum with a baby that had a tube down his nose. Not a good introduction.
Was he a good baby? He was the ‘perfect’ baby. If I could have had 10 of him I would have. (well, not really, 10 is not ideal) and I did renege on this at around age 13-14 though.

One small hiccup, Hydroceles and surgery at age 15mths… not very pleasant and although it would have been nice to know before hand that premmie babies are prone, I dont think I would have handled it very well.
He slept through early,(still likes to sleep) and had good routines…. The other two. Well they are another kettle of fish. And their day will come.

Why do I tell this story. Well, today, the 13th September my first born turns 16, collects his drivers license (yikes and drives us home!) and is growing into a wonderful and mature young man that I am very proud of.
And while embarking on this next journey is scary, it’s all an adventure, and we welcome it with open arms.

Oh, the day of my baby shower… Mum told me she knew it wouldn’t be long before I had my baby. I’m just glad she never said anything at the time. It came out later and I told her I had thought the same thing, I just didn’t need to know about it at the time.
And the day of his birth… Friday the 13th.

Happy Birthday Ryan, we love you so very much and are extremely proud of you!

Keep smiling, even when it’s hard and you don’t want to 🙂

At 3months.



Age 8


And this morning. The first one I like, he had a lovely smile. He prefers the second one…



This week on MB & CL….

It’s a busy week coming up for me here, at my table in front of bay window with beautiful views, & occassional mad child running past screaming…
So I’ve been thinking ahead on what I want to post…

– Kidprenuer at the market
– birthday baking again, with delish-ous recipe included
– my thoughts on blogging and social media (FB & T)
– beadies and Wraptures

I am also hoping my friend who is arriving Monday week will do a guest post for me.. I have pre warned her and I’m hoping she’ll humour me (and you guys) and do this.  Hands up for support please!! (Prefer comments, but both would be nice)

I played around with a new header, but after the water shots from the previous post, I decided a more cheerful one was the choice before posting this to the WWW.

Keep smiling  🙂