Cruise into Hobart

A cruise ship arrived in Hobart this morning so on my way out I grabbed the camera with an idea to get lots of pictures. Once I got to town, I realised how futile my idea was. I have no idea how the passengers had walked into the city, and I wasn’t in the mood to get into trouble wandering around the working area of the wharf looking for an entrance.

I then filled the boat gaps with other pics of the city and Constitution Dock area.
This is my place. And I love it here.

The Voyager of the Seas. With the odd tree and building growing out of it. Bah.


Mt Wellington from Kingston, Ronald McDonald House in Hobart, opp the Hospital, and a sea plane.


Iconic Hobart ferry the Cartela, Parliament Lawns and Parliament House, (right opposite the water, and next door to Salamanca Place)


Street sculptures and Elizabeth St Mall – looking very bright.

Yachts on the ‘sea’ side of the dock, looking across Constitution Dock to the Museum and Sheraton, disused fountain in the middle of ABC round about, and double decker tourist bus.


My apologies… I changed my mind, and the pictures, but then didn’t upload the new one. Here is the shot looking over Constitution Dock to the Museum and the Sheraton.


9 responses to “Cruise into Hobart

  1. Great photos!!!! What Cruise are u on?


  2. Incredible shots, Jen! You live ina beautiful place, and I’m not simply referring to your hometown! I am so envious right now…


  3. Nice! There’s always a big gate / fence between the peeps and ships… depending on the harbour you can get quite close. Except for that damn fence πŸ™‚


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