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It’s all about being Thankful.

It’s been so damned busy around here and yet I have achieved absolutely nothing. Well, that may not be strictly true, but it feels that way.

I know of several people who do a gratitude list here on WordPress, and while I’ve tried, I just can’t get it together to do one on a regular basis.
And then there’s the facebook thing going round, 3 things for 5 days and tagging your friends.
Now I am certainly not ungrateful for what I have but was dreading the day someone might actually drag me into posting.
I get the whole reasoning behind it, and I will do it, but my way.

So here are some things I am thankful for.

  1. I am healthy, fit and happy.
  2. I have food to eat and a roof over my head.
  3. My kids still talk to me – teenagers and all.
  4. My family – wherever they may be – are all safe and happy.
  5. I lead a busy life – no time to worry about being bored.
  6. I have a job I love – while only working on a casual basis, I am happy it is there for me.
  7. I have a wonderful group of friends – it’s only taken me 30+ years to get there.
  8. I live in the best part of the world – we have nothing in the way of conflict.
  9. I live in great country that is far and wide, and absolutely amazing – every last bit of it (and I’ve seen a bit).
  10. I am able to persue any opportunities that come my way, without fear of retribution or otherwise.
  11. I feel safe.
  12. I am loved.
  13. I enjoy having friends all  over the world – it is a wonderful thing to be able connect on a personal level (see things through others’ eyes, learn new stuff, see awesome pictures)  and above all be able to visit them!
  14. I have trustworthy kids – the older two both have our credit card details for their Xbox live stuff, and they ask/let us know if they have to buy anything, which is not very often, but still.

As and extra:
I’m also happy to live in such a lovely area where even complete strangers feel comfortable paying you a compliment. And by complete stranger I mean a person I have seen in passing, on occasion, walking their dog,  I do not know who he is, or where he’s from.  This morning, as I’m jogging past he calls out and says “I’m impressed, you’re doing so well,it’s great to see” and then on my way back meeting him further down the road he says it again “good job, keep up the hard work”

Things like that certainly make you feel so much better, and it’s a little easier to push through the pain (at least til they can’t see you anymore).

Have a great week, and why not pay someone a compliment, it’ll make them smile and you can feel good too.


A proposition and mug shots.

“Roger wants you”

Hmm, ok …”if I were to consider this…”

While that may sound more like an indecent proposal, it was actually a business proposition. Something I could have gotten my claws into, a real challenge. But it was not to be.

For those who may not know, I am one of the coordinators of the local market, it’s fun but hard work and I’m loving it! (Despite numerical dyslexia rearing it’s ugly head all too often)
I’m in my element with this, organising and doing the computer work. My partner and I get on like a house on fire. We are from opposite ends of the pole but having our own strengths we don’t try and walk over the other. It just works, and we have a ball doing it.

A market I attended for a few months last year has changed hands in the last few months, and is now up for a new manager again.
I was sent an email asking if I would consider taking over.
My first reaction? Holy hell, what is this?
It came clear out of the blue, totally not expected at all.

I think about this for a few days, what has happened since they took over, what I could bring to the party and wrote my questions.

That woman can talk the hind leg off a dog. I asked my questions, got loads of answers and said I’d think about it.
And I kept coming back to the same answer. No.
There were too many alarm bells and questions for me to be fully comfortable with taking it on.
Plus it would mean Markets would almost be my job – without the same sort of payday. Payment is a direct reflection of how much work you put in and how people work with that.

I discussed with several people, then rang and gave my answer. No, not right now. Too much.
Two days later, this proposition comes into play.
With the original manager of the market.
I got to thinking – in between all the texts form the middle man (or woman as it happened to be) – and thought, maybe this could work. This guy has all the right contacts, is on the right side of the hill (which is a 40min hill to get over) and I can do loll the things he knows nothing about and can’t do. It would work quite well. I was getting excited again.

I would relish the challenge.

I then give him a ring to chat briefly.
“Run for the hills” is what he says straight up.
That doesn’t sound too good.
Over the course of our brief conversation, he tells me it’s simply being propped up and has become a ‘false market’ plus some of the not so nice things others have told him.
He says he’s not going to do it, too much to do, too many hassles, and the fact the current owners want a supervisor while they do the admin. Not on your life. A market is a hands on, face to face business. Not something you can hand over to a supervisor on the day.
Our goals and thoughts are definitely not on the same page.
I have to agree.
Not going to happen.

It’s funny. I feel a sense of loss, but an overwhelming sense of weight lifted. I did the right thing. I know that. Maybe in a few more years, but then I have other plans for the next few years.

The mug shots. Are exactly that.
No rolling eyes, no shutting eyes, no smirking, frowning and definitely no smiling.
Ugh. I hate getting these sorts of pictures taken.
Oh, look at that, it’s halfway decent. I can handle that for the next ten years I spose…

It’s a new week, and this one will be better. No more propositions and proposals, just back to the grind, back to the gym, research a few things, concentrate on my baby, make more pretties, ring people, and laugh louder.

Have a good one 🙂

Are you emotionally strong?

Tough question for the start of the weekend I know. I just read this and and had to share. If I’m going to share I will pick those that have something to offer, and this is just that.
So tell me, are you emotionally strong?
Link – 15 things emotionally strong people don’t do

Jennifer 🙂

Ps. Reading this, I consider myself an emotionally strong person.

What’s on my mind…

Sounds a bit Facebookish that. But no, this is post 3 of the Zero to Hero 30 days. And to be honest, I have no idea.
Of what I was thinking when I first started blogging or when confronted with this Challenge.
Let’s go back to the beginning. Three years ago, before I started on WordPress and had my other blog thing I was writing. It was about sharing my beady adventures and was pretty shit really, looking back on it. I had a break of sorts (after we moved interstate) and then got into WordPress, almost by accident, and I still wasn’t sure what was going through my mind. You know, there are still times when I wonder why? But I enjoy what I do so I keep going.
And what was I thinking with this challenge? Could I do it, and have some sort of success? This month was going to be busy enough with everything else happening without adding a daily challenge into the mix. I have so many challenges going on it is a challenge to get them all done.
I read my sister’s post yesterday about this same conundrum and as she said about getting her mojo back it hit me. That was what I needed. Something to get my inspiration back, my joy at writing, sharing, taking pictures, making with my beads…
It’s working write right now., I’ve had a good day updating all the posts, and re writing history. I still cringe when I read some of the old posts, as I’m sure I will in a few years reading this one.
And there you have it. What’s on my mind right now, (actually it’s bed, let’s not split hairs).

Day 4 is about getting into the Reader and finding new blogs – I’ll try, but might call it a day off. There are other things I need to work on first.
Catch you 🙂

What’s in a name, my name?

Not my personal name, that’s something else again. No, whats up with my blog name and tagline. Does it catch your eye, make you want to stay and look a little further? I hope so.

I’ve had this blog for nearly 3 years now, and it’s had a couple of name changes. All variations of the same theme.
When I first started this blog I wasn’t thinking of the future and whether my URL might need changing. I have looked into changing it but it just seems like too much trouble, I am easily confused by this sort of thing, and I could very well have to start fresh with followers, I’m not sure I want to go down that track.
So jenbeads it is. And jenbeads it will stay.
I think its easy enough to remember even if it’s got nothing to do with what I am writing about.
The name for my blog. As my friends and family know, and those who read long enough, I am never far from my camera and usually have a coffee close by or in my hand – I will do anything for a coffee. (Yes, I have one next to me as I write this).

The tagline, simply put, is what it is.
“Ramblings from a coffee addict”
A bit of this, a bit of that, coffee pictures, photos of other stuff. And occasionally family stuff.

That’s it for me, for day 2 of the challenge. It’s actually quite nice to come back, and start from the beginning again. To write, and think about why I did something, why I chose what I did. And for new visitors it should help you, maybe understand me a bit better (not that I understand me).
Maybe I can learn from that? Let’s see what the Challenge for day 3 brings us.
Catch you later:)