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Pizza anyone…?

Well of course the answer would be yes for most of you. I mean, who doesn’t like pizza? The topping options are endless and only limited y your imagination.

I love my pizza, more so as I now make my own bases, and can easily scoff a whole one if I’m hungry. I would then end up feeling bloated and sludgy. I have all but stopped eating bread for the same reason. So I went off on the hunt for something that would satisfy my love of pizza but leave me feeling more comfortable afterwards.
I’d heard about cauliflower base pizza around my various internet haunts and after talking to a few people, went to our all time favourite search party and let Google find me a recipe.
Several months after finding one and saving it, I finally have the time ( and inclination) to make it.
The verdict? Thinking it will become my pizza for Saturday nights.
– several years ago I started family pizza night with either games or movies, and it’s stuck. I’m not allowed to change or get rid of it –
I will tweak it a little, but it was so easy, and I got it done in the time the regular dough spent rising.

Recipe: Cauliflower pizza base

Things I made my own – enlisting help from mr 10 with the choice of herbs, he gave me chili flakes, coriander and basil to put in the cauliflower mix and my topping was zucchini, mushroom, red onion and baby spinach.
And it was oh so good. And being so healthy could try and use it as a side, if only the rest of my boys actually liked cauliflower. And yes, they’re that fussy. But then, I eat just about anything and will try most things.






Foodie blog

Click on the bike to check out a little something I’ve been working on.
With summer fast approaching with long sunny days, I can see there will be many more posts coming your way.


Sunday Brunch

After a couple of busy days with family and friends, hubby and I took a walk this morning which culminated in this delicious 11am feast with coffee.


Have a good day, see you next week.
Jen 🙂

New food at the Market.

Most of you know I am co-coordinator of my local market. Last month we said goodbye to the family who helped make us what we were and supplied the most amazing bbq and cafe. This month we welcome two new foodies to the fray.
A local running the cafe with an incredible menu and a local of Hobart who will be outside on the bbq – which will include his own shop front of home made sauce, relish and mustards.
After perusing these menus I’m already thinking I’m going t have to up my exercise routine – I’m exhausted just looking at the choices and what I will choose. I usually try and buy lunch each month, picking a different item. It’s going to be hard…between soups, salad and pies inside to yummy burgers outside.
Check out their full menus – Woodbridge Market

Enjoy, and don’t drool too much.
Jen 🙂

I’ve done it again…

Got my baking fix, that is.
I was going to say “here’s afternoon tea” but 3pm turned into 10.30, and it’s never too late or early to have a soft, fluffy cupcake or rich, fudgy brownie.

36 full size vanilla cupcakes with pink and yellow icing and a double batch of brownies done 3 ways – plain, dates and with cherries.