NYE – Hobart style.

The New Year cross over is always a great time in Hobart.  Aside from the (hopefully) fab weather, there is the Sydney to Hobart Yacht race, and the Taste of Tas Festival (now in its 23rd year and bigger than ever).

Taste of Tas is an event which brings people from all over the country and the world to sample our fine food and wine in the best place possible.  By the water, with yachts at the dock and music playing.  See here for more info and pictures of this great event.

There are always loads of people, and everyone is so friendly and relaxed, it is just a great atmosphere.  The event is free to enter and with a plethora of street performers, bands and stalls to sample from it is easy to spend the day.  Meals and drinks are pretty cheap (around $20 would get you 3 courses & a drink) so testing 

 tasting everything (over several days) is easy.

Hubby and I would regularly visit ‘the docks’ for NYE, check out the taste and stay for the fireworks at Midnight.  Having been away for 7 years we decide to head back into town this year to check it out, despite having just picked up Hubby and Mr 15’s friend from the airport that morning.  Ten pm comes, we pile into two cars and head up the road.  Parking was considerably easy to find and the pedestrian traffic was not bad either.  The Falls Festival (Music) was on at the same time so many of the younger ones were there.

The docks were lit up, music blaring from the several bands playing and everyone was in high spirits.  Yachties had the berths to themselves for private parties and security guards/police in high presence.

Hobart Fireworks! From a fellow blogger on their page.  Taken from the water in Hoabrt.

If there is one thing Hobart knows how to do it is a summer festival, trees covered in fairy lights, yachts abound, music,  awesome food and wine… what more could you ask for..??  Ok, so the light show isn’t in the Sydney, London etc league, but we love it anyway.

We look forward to many more trips to ‘The Taste’/’the docks’ for New Years. Bring on next year, oops, this year.

Happy 2012 everyone and keep smiling 🙂



8 responses to “NYE – Hobart style.

  1. Fireworks from a dock? Sounds awesome!


  2. Sounds fantastic. Love the description of the “fairy lights.”


  3. Sounds like an awesome time! My Sweetheard and I have been talking about a Tassie trip for a while, I’ll put this on our list of ideas! 🙂


  4. It’s going to be an even bigger & better year Jen. Hope you & the fam are well. Best wishes to Lance. Hope to you all soon. Best wishes xoxo


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