Chilly Tuesday

After the last post, I thought something nice would be good.
I thought I’d chill out – literally, the sea breeze is fresh, a far cry from yesterday’s beautiful temperature – near the water at Cornelian Bay for a bit. A few kilometres north of the city and nestled a stones throw from the main highway. It is surprisingly quiet given the proximity but with children’s playground and seagulls abound, the traffic noise fades away…

Given the clouds and lack of direct sunshine, The Mountain (Mount Wellington) is not so clear in my picture. And I’m sure still freezing as all hell on top. It is now covered with that rain cloud we were promised and looks decidedly grey and ugly.

The Boatsheds, quite infamous round the parts and then a view of The Bridge (Tasman Bridge) with the city located to the right on the other side of the hill.

The hill, Queens Domain, houses the athletics club, tennis courts where they hold the ANZ International (or whatever they call it) in January (remember it is summer at that time here), the Aquatic centre and Tas Cricket Club. Although most games are played at Bellerieve (on the other side of the river, not visible).
Also we have the Botanical Gardens and Government House (how could I have forgotten these in the original post, shame)




Not wanting to scare people (kids and photos and creepy people and all that) I won’t take a picture of The Boatshed. A bistro/cafe/restaurant near the park that overlooks the water and is by all accounts, quite good. Come summer they do a roaring trade with their kiosk and ice creams available through the side window. Perfectly positioned to take in the views and allow for outdoor eating on those long summer evenings.


4 responses to “Chilly Tuesday

  1. Long summer evenings… Ice cream… Oh how I miss summer. We are settling in for the winter here and facing rain and chilly short evenings.

    Autumn (or fall) is nice though. Roaring fires and rubbishy tv. I suppose I could still have ice cream, but it isn’t really the same.


    • Ahh, autumn is cool. In all ways. And not to be shared with ice cream. Those days are gone. Time to wait it out. I will be waiting out these delightful (?!) spring days and wishing for warmth..


  2. Those pics are like coffee for my soul… Thanks!


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