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Petty Sessions at Franklin. Scallop Pie hunting.

After reading some dismal and disappointing reviews I was hesitant to try the above mentioned cafe, but it was on my list and I would be in the area today.

While looking for coffee to warm our insides on a typically foggy morning in Huonville* we found another cafe that sold scallop pies.  In we went only to find they were sold out,  and we should go to Franklin or maybe their other shop in Geeveston (where the pies are made). Yeah I’m not going that far, so Franklin it is. Being only ten minutes down the road.
We arrive and order my pie and wait. Ten to fifteen minutes, pie arrives and we sit outside in the sun – the fog has cleared and there is a little warmth in the sun.
I’m not sure how they heated the pie, but it was burn-the-mouth hot. I waited til I got nearly home before I stopped to eat it. The cafe was deserted, and while it wasn’t toasty it was certainly warmer than outside. The two servers were young but friendly enough.

Their sign out the front makes the huge declaration of “the best scallop pies in Tas” which is a pretty big claim. Did it live up to it? I don’t think so. After only 3 pies there is not much separating them, but I still have (at least) 3 more to go. Check out the review page for my verdict.
As of re-editing this post I heard about one more in my area to try, and another should I decide to take a long drive/ride to get there.
Today’s pie.

Given the perfect weather but lack of time I didn’t get any pictures of the river and boats, despite taking my camera. I would still be there if given the choice. Maybe another day.

* a friend and I went to Huonville to check out a market we would be attending next month. Always good to do a little recon beforehand.
See my thoughts about it on the Marcato blog here and the pie review on my Food Adventures page.

Happy weekend 🙂

Chilly Tuesday

After the last post, I thought something nice would be good.
I thought I’d chill out – literally, the sea breeze is fresh, a far cry from yesterday’s beautiful temperature – near the water at Cornelian Bay for a bit. A few kilometres north of the city and nestled a stones throw from the main highway. It is surprisingly quiet given the proximity but with children’s playground and seagulls abound, the traffic noise fades away…

Given the clouds and lack of direct sunshine, The Mountain (Mount Wellington) is not so clear in my picture. And I’m sure still freezing as all hell on top. It is now covered with that rain cloud we were promised and looks decidedly grey and ugly.

The Boatsheds, quite infamous round the parts and then a view of The Bridge (Tasman Bridge) with the city located to the right on the other side of the hill.

The hill, Queens Domain, houses the athletics club, tennis courts where they hold the ANZ International (or whatever they call it) in January (remember it is summer at that time here), the Aquatic centre and Tas Cricket Club. Although most games are played at Bellerieve (on the other side of the river, not visible).
Also we have the Botanical Gardens and Government House (how could I have forgotten these in the original post, shame)




Not wanting to scare people (kids and photos and creepy people and all that) I won’t take a picture of The Boatshed. A bistro/cafe/restaurant near the park that overlooks the water and is by all accounts, quite good. Come summer they do a roaring trade with their kiosk and ice creams available through the side window. Perfectly positioned to take in the views and allow for outdoor eating on those long summer evenings.