Peppermint Bay Lunch Cruise

Peppermint Bay for lunch.  Ten km’s from my house. Time to get there: 2 hours. What?! Two hours. Let me explain, please.  There is a boat cruise that runs from Hobart daily to Peppermint Bay which includes a ‘running’ commentary and a gorgeous lunch at their restaurant in Woodbridge. (10kms from my house).  Two hours…? We drove to town and caught the boat to Woodbridge.  That was the weird bit.  But so much fun.
The boat is a large catamaran with half decent seating and full bar.  Very comfy, even when the water is rough (like this morning) and it just glides through the waves. Kinda. there were a few rough patches leaving the Derwent (river).

the Peppermint Bay Cat

The scenery is gorgeous  from the water and doing the trip like this was surreal for me.  I pass the ‘pub’ pretty well every day, and ever since it was sold and knocked down (sometime in the early 00’s) I have never been to the new one.

Upon entering the restaurant I was gobsmacked.  As I said, I had only ever driven past so had no idea of what it looked like inside.  Gorgeous! Huge windows, lots of timber, spacious, and kind of space ship like…We were seated at long tables (of ten) so mingling was encouraged with out neighbours, rather than isolating ourselves (in a very general everyone manner).
Outside eating area with funky umbrellas.
The menu was a set ‘buffet’ style, plates were brought out and we all ate from the same. Entrée of smoked trout, salamis, beetroot, prosciutto, olives, radish & parsley salad, and other condiments + whole grain rolls.
Our main course was a beautiful chicken dish, crispy fried with tomatoes, eggplant and basil served with creamy polenta and a mixed green salad leaves.  Totally delish!
Dessert was a gorgeous little chocolate pot with a ‘creme brulee’ scorched top and fresh strawberries. A perfect finish to a beautiful meal.
And all served by the two staff that commentated and served bar on the boat.

outside view

inside view

The trip back to Hobart was filled with lots of conversation and laughter with the couple who were seated next to us at lunch.

Coffee in town and a light dinner rounded out the day.

Try as I might, I could not find a picture of the old pub, that I and my eldest sister used to work in, but oh well. I will try.

Keep smiling 🙂

6 responses to “Peppermint Bay Lunch Cruise

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  3. Just reading about your lunch makes me so hungry…especially the dessert!


  4. That was such a wonderful day, good food, great company……and a really fun cruise!!!


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