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Shot Tower & Saturday night with friends

Last Saturday was one of those days. On the go. And not necessarily because of Christmas, that didn’t help with the parking or shopping we had to do of course, but it was a beautiful day so you couldn’t help but feel happy. A real summer’s day (pity it didn’t last and it has rained half of this week).
We have passed but not stopped at the Shot Tower several times since being back in the state so this was our first stop of the day. At 48m (not 480m) it is high enough to get the nerves going but I seem to have gotten over this particular height, and has a fascinating history. You can check that out here. And more pictures here.

Sunny and warm maybe, but at the top it was windy enough to need to hold your hats. Or my dress as the case may be. The man decided he would snavel my camera and get a few pictures of me. I’d really like some more shots, boots and all. One day.

Once back home and after several wardrobe changes it was back to ‘the pub’ for a surprise-that-was-no-longer-a-surprise dinner. In and around the conversation I got pictures, drank bubbly, more pictures, food, bubbly… you get it.
I was asked if I was going to blog about it, “well, duh. I don’t do names, or faces, you are simply ‘my friends who need no excuse to get together and have a good time’ unless you want your faces shown…?”
Oh no. They’re not really that shy. You can hear us down the street when we really get going.
As usual a great time was had by all, and I’m sure there will be more to come in the new year.

The Pub…before Peppermint Bay

By the time I received these pictures I felt a sense of pressure to make sure I used them.  I had made a few queries as to where I might them (there was nothing on the web) and before I knew it, it felt like the whole of Woodbridge was looking for me.

Yesterday I did a post about Peppermint Bay and last year did the same, but I wanted to show you what used to be there.

A square brink two story building that appears to have been wiped form the history books considering how hard it was to find pictures.  If all else failed I could have asked the old owner – who originally built the new pub.  Now that would have put pressure on me.

What you see are photos of old photos so I apologise for the quality.
Once the pub was sold all items that were movable – and I mean everything -was auctioned off before the bricks and mortar was demolished.  I even know the guy who bought the front door to the pub, or the Bar door.  It was joked at the time that he used it more than anyone and so was his almost by default.  Apparently he has since stopped drinking. The wooden deck you see in the bottom picture now resides at my parents place. 



Happy Saturday 🙂

Peppermint bay – a slice of Paradise

I had been hanging out all week waiting and hoping with every rain drop that it would leave us in peace just for an hour. I was meeting a friend for lunch and sitting outside is much preferable to being inside, it’s not yet winter and I love to make the most of outside eating while I can.
Our destination? Peppermint Bay. Just up the road in Woodbridge which I’ve only visited once since it was built in 2003, and that was twelve months ago. Read about it here.

20130322-211011.jpg The front door.

20130322-211106.jpg Looking towards the main restaurant from the lawns, with the water behind me.

Back when it was built we were in no position to be eating out with 2 young kids and a less than ideal income. Fast forward 9 years and all I am hearing is that it’s way too expensive and all I should get in a coffee and muffin. Hmm? My American friend and I took the all-inclusive ferry and lunch deal (special lunch made just for ferry patrons) but I have not ventured in on m own until a month ago. After gym class one day (today’s) friend asked if I would like to join them for lunch, I said yes to a coffee, the ominous warning still ringing in my ears.
Boy did I get a surprise. Not only was the lunch menu good value it is cheap enough to have a special treat each month without feeling too guilty. A variety of side dishes, small mains and a good selection of kids meals all at very reasonable prices. Nothing really over the $20-25 mark.
I tried their fries which came with the most amazing aioli – my friend said she could lick it straight out of the bowl, and after trying it, believe I would too – and the side of green veges. Oh. My.god. Crunchy vegetables with a (non creamy) lemon sauce, divine! Call me sad, but I’m a vege nazi, love them!

It had been a good month since I had last been and my friend was no longer doing gym class with me, so we organised to have lunch and catch up.
It had been on my mind to order the salad she normally has. Ocean trout salad. I had had a taster and was aching to have a whole one to myself.
Once ordered we sat back and chatted until our meals came.
Doh. Now I want to write, do you think I can remember the name of her dish. Nope. Salted fish bites of some sort essentially. I shared a half one and it tasted heavenly. Light, creamy flavour, not too many herbs and a texture that was rather like mashed potato. It arrived on a board smothered in aioli with extra salt and a cut lemon. A small meal, but at $11 not bad value. Picture taken with my phone, in rather bright light making it a very not so arty food picture.

My salad on the other hand was not what we expected. The one I had tried was a potato salad with some greens, beetroot chunks and trout on top. All with a lovely light and creamy mayonnaise. A meal to die for.
Today’s, ($18 meal) was unfortunately nothing like it. The potato had gone and in it’s place were chunks of cucumber and radish, a lot more greens, beetroot, next to no dressing but plenty of trout. Trout is a lighter version of salmon. Where salmon, smoked especially, has a heavy strong fishy flavour, trout is lighter and creamier. Well, going on my limited experience anyway. Again, not so arty too bright phone picture. image

The gorgeous Scottish waiter (he’s just so cute and very personable) returned and asked if everything was alright. I mentioned I was disappointed with the salad and why. I don’t mind radish, but there is only so much a person can eat. After taking stock as the criticism wasn’t expected, he said they were tweaking the menu but I was not the first to mention a dislike for the salad.

On checking if we wanted something else I asked they had any fudge out the front. (As you come in the front doors and head around to the bar and outside area they have a recessed shelf where they display the small sweets like muffins, scones, fudges and brownies, or whatever they have been baking). Yes they did, and which one would I like, the Bruny Island Chocolate or the salted caramel? Surprise me. That stumped him for a minute til my friend said she would take the other one. So one of each way ordered.

I often say ‘surprise me’ when being asked for desserts as I tend to want all of them equally and I really don’t mind what I have. Not everyone appreciates it though, thinking they night get in trouble if I don’t like what I get?? We both a giggle about that, and it was mentioned about being jumped on the way to the ladies.. Not quite what I meant about ‘surprise me’ 😉

The fudge was pure melt in the mouth delight and next time I will definitely be trying the caramel. Coffee is nothing amazing, it’s not bad, but I won’t make a beeline there just for the coffee. My total for lunch, a mere $23. Not a bank breaker, but not an everyday meal either. For under $60 two people could quite easily have a lovely lunch, coffee included.
How could you not enjoy eating outdoors at a place like this?


Enjoy some more pictures of Peppermint Bay at my photo blog, Box of Photos. Find the link over to the right somewhere.

From my little piece of Paradise, have a great weekend 🙂
Jen x

Peppermint Bay Lunch Cruise

Peppermint Bay for lunch.  Ten km’s from my house. Time to get there: 2 hours. What?! Two hours. Let me explain, please.  There is a boat cruise that runs from Hobart daily to Peppermint Bay which includes a ‘running’ commentary and a gorgeous lunch at their restaurant in Woodbridge. (10kms from my house).  Two hours…? We drove to town and caught the boat to Woodbridge.  That was the weird bit.  But so much fun.
The boat is a large catamaran with half decent seating and full bar.  Very comfy, even when the water is rough (like this morning) and it just glides through the waves. Kinda. there were a few rough patches leaving the Derwent (river).

the Peppermint Bay Cat

The scenery is gorgeous  from the water and doing the trip like this was surreal for me.  I pass the ‘pub’ pretty well every day, and ever since it was sold and knocked down (sometime in the early 00’s) I have never been to the new one.

Upon entering the restaurant I was gobsmacked.  As I said, I had only ever driven past so had no idea of what it looked like inside.  Gorgeous! Huge windows, lots of timber, spacious, and kind of space ship like…We were seated at long tables (of ten) so mingling was encouraged with out neighbours, rather than isolating ourselves (in a very general everyone manner).
Outside eating area with funky umbrellas.
The menu was a set ‘buffet’ style, plates were brought out and we all ate from the same. Entrée of smoked trout, salamis, beetroot, prosciutto, olives, radish & parsley salad, and other condiments + whole grain rolls.
Our main course was a beautiful chicken dish, crispy fried with tomatoes, eggplant and basil served with creamy polenta and a mixed green salad leaves.  Totally delish!
Dessert was a gorgeous little chocolate pot with a ‘creme brulee’ scorched top and fresh strawberries. A perfect finish to a beautiful meal.
And all served by the two staff that commentated and served bar on the boat.

outside view

inside view

The trip back to Hobart was filled with lots of conversation and laughter with the couple who were seated next to us at lunch.

Coffee in town and a light dinner rounded out the day.

Try as I might, I could not find a picture of the old pub, that I and my eldest sister used to work in, but oh well. I will try.

Keep smiling 🙂