Busy busy…

The last few days have been busy with MONA and a lunch cruise we did.  I have two posts in the pipeline that I am trying to get  around to finish.  It is hard when you have sensory overload to get your head sorted, to empty it out onto the typed page.

Today we have wandered Salamanca and my friend has shopped her heart out.  Tomorrow we go to Bushy Park and Russell Falls with all the kids, and a picnic to spend the day.

Keep smiling 🙂

4 responses to “Busy busy…

  1. Not doing the market tomorrow then ?


  2. Time with friends is priceless! I so relate to your comment about sensory overload. I told some friends that I was in such overwhelm that I just didn’t feel like I had any words. I hadn’t connected it to sensory overload., I was just feeling stress … But it isn’t a negative feeling as I would normally associate with stress. Thanks for that little glimmer of insight. Enjoy your time with your friend.


    • It’s definitely not a negative thing like stress, but it sure does make it hard to find words. You’ll see more with the next few posts. Thanks, and we’re having a ball. Two more days… 😦


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