Happy surprises

I received an email tonight that means a lot to me.
It was a complete surprise, and totally unexpected.
I don’t know this woman very well, She could walk down the screen and I would not even know her. In fact the last time I saw her I was no doubt just a babe in arms.
I do remember writing her a letter many years ago. A long and weird letter. No surprises (although I have no idea of her circumstances) that she did not respond. I don’t blame her. I probably wouldn’t have responded to me either.
My parents have kept in some kind of touch with her, she knows of the basics of where we are now, and has my social media contacts. She will probably read this at a point in the future too. And I am fine with that.
I want to get to know this person better, even if it is just through the odd email or on Facebook.

A Happy Birthday email, with some lovely compliments, news and questions was a beautiful touch to the end of a great day – from my Godmother 🙂


Because it brings a smile to my face.


4 responses to “Happy surprises

  1. And it has brought a smile to mine as well.
    Thank you, Jennifer.


  2. That is a nice surprise.


  3. That would’ve been a great surprise. The flowers are brilliant; must needs get some for the garden! 😉


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