Tuesday Postcards

Time for another update. Friends of Kelly have sent her a lovely postcard from Vancouver, Canada. And a better picture of the whole wall. It is getting so big next time I’ll have to do it in sections I think.



Til next week, happy and safe travels 🙂

5 responses to “Tuesday Postcards

  1. The professor needs to get a few totem poles for his property!


    • I’ve always love the look of them, found them intriguing. Wonder if I can convince hubby to get some too. Totem poles would suit you I think.


      • Yes, me too. Tell him that professor thinks it would be a great idea to get totems. Thank you! I could see it now…totems everywhere!

        (Haven’t forgotten about the postcard. Just having a dadblamed time finding and choosing one!)


  2. Hi Jenn!!
    I received your beautiful postcard yesterday! Now that I finally have your address,,,yours will be in the mail shortly 🙂


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