Beautiful Deloraine

Here are some more pictures from my visit to Deloraine 10 days ago. As part of the Craft Fair they had lots of woolly scarves and blankets hanging on buildings and wrapped around lamp posts (instead of draping over the bridge like last year) and many smaller street art sculptures depicting scenes you would see everywhere – kids reading, the postie and a dog, wood chopping, stopping for coffee, the firies (fire fighters).

I found the collage app via a friend on FB and am loving it. I can put up so many more pics now. Hopefully it comes out alright on a laptop as compared to the iPad.
Enjoy πŸ™‚







7 responses to “Beautiful Deloraine

  1. Great photos Jen. Deloraine is so beautiful – you’ve made me want to go & visit there now πŸ™‚


  2. What fun you must have had! Lovely photos, you really captured the mood of the place!


  3. Very accurate title!


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