Morning time…

As I walk out the door and slip on my shoes,
I hear the crow of a rooster in the distance, the dogs funny yawn and morning hello noises, I see nought evidence of a sunrise and then realise (as the dog jumps on me)… it’s been raining overnight.
The clouds are low, there is mist in the air.

I collect my clothes off the line, destined for the dryer, and the laugh of the kookaburra greets me…
I kick the ball for the dog and all I hear are his footsteps as he races down the bank.
The house is quiet and dark, the kids are still asleep, more birds start to wake, and call out.
Raindrops glisten on the tree, and one drops down my neck, causing a shiver.
The dog runs back, all wiggly with morning excitement, the ball forgotten, at the bottom of the garden.
The kookaburra keeps laughing as I walk back inside.

My peace and quiet soon to be broken as I make that first coffee and wake the kids.

keep smiling 🙂


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