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Alfresco Saturday – housework before socialising


Balmy 20+C, windy as.
Washing done.
Pizzas done.
Market boxes packed.
A cool coffee before we head to friends.

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Word a week challenge – PINK

Folding washing, reading this post, the following picture presented itself.


And because I know how much some people just love pink, the non inclusion of all pink items seemed the best course of action. Believe me. There are A Lot.

Jennifer ūüôā

(Photo from htc phone)

Morning time…

As I walk out the door and slip on my shoes,
I hear the crow of a rooster in the distance, the dogs funny yawn and morning hello noises, I see nought evidence of a sunrise and then realise (as the dog jumps on me)… it’s been raining overnight.
The clouds are low, there is mist in the air.

I collect my clothes off the line, destined for the dryer, and the laugh of the kookaburra greets me…
I kick the ball for the dog and all I hear are his footsteps as he races down the bank.
The house is quiet and dark, the kids are still asleep, more birds start to wake, and call out.
Raindrops glisten on the tree, and one drops down my neck, causing a shiver.
The dog runs back, all wiggly with morning excitement, the ball forgotten, at the bottom of the garden.
The kookaburra keeps laughing as I walk back inside.

My peace and quiet soon to be broken as I make that first coffee and wake the kids.

keep smiling ūüôā

clothes.. oh so many clothes…

Hi, my name is Jennifer and I’m a shopper.

There, I said it.¬† I love clothes and finding bargains, whether new-on-sale or second-hand is always good.¬† In fact I rarely buy full price off the rack unless I know I will wear it enough to justify¬†the price tag.¬† That’s not saying I just buy for the hell of it (well I will admit to it sometimes) but I will often wait til the end of the season when the prices come down. ¬†And going¬†on how many removalists¬†boxes (8) I had just for my clothes when we moved I certainly made the most of shopping while in Qld.¬†¬†Plus the majority¬†is a wonderful selection¬†of summer clothes.¬† No surprise,¬†since when¬†we moved to Mt Isa, winter was non-existent¬†and it was summer for¬†9 mths¬†of the year with a Spring/Autumn tossed in for a brief change.

But I digress.¬† The weather, although by this week’s forecast you wouldn’t believe it, is changing and the sunny summer days are fast approaching.¬†¬†So this week I have decided to get out all my summer clothes and swap for my meagre collection of winter clothes and refresh the wardrobe.

This task took me¬†all week, and I wrote¬†notes on¬†it as I went along…

My bed is¬†covered with dresses, skirts, tops, singlets, shorts, 3/4’s and a nice collection of jeans that I bought when I first lost the last ‘baby weight’ 7 years ago.¬† I fondly remember pretty well everything and saw a few items that I haven’t actually worn
yet! ¬†Oh dear, should I be admitting to that… :-}

2 boxes chockas of my summer clothes.. yay!

Anyhoo, I love my gorgeous floral¬†dresses, they make me feel feminine and pretty plus there is something about wearing skirts and dresses.¬† I can’t put my finger on it, but there’s something just.. nice about it.¬† So, 3 piles of dresses, a huge pile each of skirts, shirts/tops, tanks, and two-legged items.

Apparently, even though I say I don’t like floral, I must do, as a lot of my patterns are indeed floral. But nice ones, not those old granny/fussy type florals… wonder what that means then..

some of those dresses...

Now most of these clothes are at least one size too small – but do you think I’m going to let
all those glorious clothes go to waste and buy¬†more… (would love to, but I don’t think I would be granted permission on that one) No!¬† That is my goal (to fit them again)¬†and from now on there will be no more said about the fitting into clothes.¬†¬†Weight is a very personal issue and I’m just not going to tackle it. Not for fear of offending or saying the wrong thing.¬† I just think so long as you are happy with yourself then it’s all good.¬† The washing will commence and then the wardrobe transformation.¬† With the pieces that fit.

The line looked pretty cool with all those colours floating about… no, being wind-swept… and what a job.

windy washing day - love it!

now so nice and peaceful... dresses galore ūüôā

Now, I just need to find all those lovely summer shoes I had…¬† where could they be….? and then to sort out my jewellery stash…

jewellery all over my bench...what to do now?

to be continued…..

(keep smiling, Jennifer :))