Pumpkin Pie – an aquired taste??

At my regular market we have the best chef, Honey Child, and she makes the most delicious food.  Being of a very multi national hertiage, but in essence an American, she cooks us the most awesome food from all over.  I could go on an on about her food, there are so many words that all mean ‘just fantastic grub’.

Today’s menu was Thanksgiving complete with Pumpkin Pie.  As I was going to a different market, I asked for a piece to be put aside and I am not at all unhappy about it.

In the southern hemisphere, or at least here in Australia, pumpkin is a vegetable that you have on your plate with other veges,(like with roast meat) or in soup, maybe scones, yum (Thanks Flo), and pie’s are for fruits, custard or meat.  Eating pumpkin for dessert is just wrong!

Speaking of pies, I introduced my American friend to meat pies while she was here and she loved them.

Pumpkin.  In a pie.  It’s a weird sensation. It’s sweet and spicy, thanks to the brown sugar, nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger, but there’s the underlying savoury pumpkin-as-a-vegetable flavour.  Like I said, weird, but strangley delicious.

Have you had pumpkin pie, made it and what do you think??

Who says veges can’t be eaten as a fruit?
Tomato – fruit or veg?
Pie or tart – meat, fruit or veg?

Jennifer 🙂


17 responses to “Pumpkin Pie – an aquired taste??

  1. As you know Jennifer, pumpkin pie is an American tradition at holidays. At Basecamp Gallivance, I am responsible for the pie. On our most recent holiday, I cooked the pie and solved a cook’s dilemma. Check it out: http://gallivance.net/2012/11/22/pi-on-pumpkin-pie-a-mathematical-solution-to-a-cooks-dilemma/


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  3. Oh, Jen, I LOVE pumpkin pie! I love it at Thanksgiving, and I love it for breakfast the next day; in the winter and spring, I keep a close watch on our local baked goods, because occasionally I find a pumpkin pie. I’ve never thought of pumpkin as a fruit — I see it in the winter squash family. I will eat it alone, roasted, baked, boiled, even fried once, in olive oil and salt. Ah, pumpkin pie! 😎


  4. Every time I hear Americans refer to pumpkin pie as dessert in a movie or on TV it gives me a chill. I often roast it for the vegie loving Man and if I have to suffer through a mouthful I admit it has a certain sweetness but as far as dessert goes….. Just no….

    If I ever have the chance to try it I will, on your recommendation, but if you hear some unexpected screaming you will know that it is me and who to blame. ;D


    • there is definitely something about pumpkin pie… chill or otherwise. If you don’t like pumpkin you may not like it though (i shouldn’t be saying that should I?)
      And you wouldn’t be directing that blame my way would you…? Cause I deny everything! It wasn’t me.


  5. I agree, Honey’s Pumpkin Pie is irresistible. 🙂


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