from drab to Fab!! from wubbish to Wearable!!

I love free stuff, bonus with purchase etc… of course I am always careful with my choices ‘do I read that magazine?’ ‘will I use that scarf?’
Actually, the scarf I got, I have never used. Ever. Magazine has gone by the wayside, and the never worn scarf has travelled with me everywhere. Why. I really don’t know. It’s a latte/bone/light brown colour and quite long.  A basic neutral scarf.  With pockets to keep your hands warm.  But itchy as all buggery.  So why didn’t i throw it out?  No idea.  For some reason I just love that scarf.

It looks soft doesn’t it? That’s what mum said til she tried it on herself – it came off pretty quick though.  Materials used, polyester, nylon ?? and wool.
scarf - polyester, nylon, ??, wool.

I got it out the other day and decided to wear it – ~shudders~ “now I remember why I don’t, itchy silly scarf”  But, being in the frame of mind I was/am, next time I saw mum I asked if we could dye a piece of material and I could sew it on as a lining… bingo!

Long story short: we dyed several pieces that I could take my pick from. A little experimentation.  When wet, they look quite different, because the one that I didn’t like wet was the best one dry.
I went for a colour that was similar but richer as the scarf, I still wanted it to be a basic neutral one to wear.  So a rich dark brown it was. And it is perfect.
It was then ironed, cut and (borrowing mum’s machine) sewn onto the scarf.

Trying it on, I can see it’s going to become a favourite accessory.. (go figure?) comfy and warm, just the way it should be.  The original scarf was soft and squishy, it is now still soft but holds it’s shape better as it’s firmer.

I love it. Thanks mum!

Keep warm, or stay cool and be comfortable 😀


7 responses to “from drab to Fab!! from wubbish to Wearable!!

  1. I have one of those scarves! I must try this! 🙂


  2. Wubbish no longer! Great job 🙂


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