Mr 8, the Devils Food Cake & baking gone bad.

Remember the other day when I mentioned I would be making that chocolate cake…. yeah, you gotta read the recipe. One wrong ingredient and it .. well, it was flat. Did not rise. It has been awhile since I have made this one, but that’s no excuse really… really 🙂

So, I start again, this time reading the recipe properly.  What did I do wrong. On the list it said plain four, so I assumed the next one was baking powder (to help it rise), Wrong!, It was Bi-carb soda. Apparently that makes a huge difference.  Then the cake started to burn.  Like the first one.  What was wrong this time? I covered it in foil and turned down the oven a bit.  Then figured I’d check the temperature. Using my new gauge I noticed the old one was way off and the oven was too hot.
Got it sorted and this one at least looked 90%  like it was supposed to.

Trim the top and split in half to add thick whipped cream.  Yeah right.  Checking the remainder in the fridge and I found my problem.
As I grabbed the cream that morning in the shop I paid no attention to the fact it was lite cream!  Lite cream does not whip.  It gets thicker, but you cannot whip it into shape!

So for dessert we had cake with thickened cream poured over instead of whipped and sandwiched between layers of rich chocolate cake.

A lovely birthday dinner with good company finished with an average cake…
Keep smiling 🙂


6 responses to “Mr 8, the Devils Food Cake & baking gone bad.

  1. Jennifer, this happens to every cook–I know! I too love to bake cakes. There is another great recipe on the Hershey’s Special Dark Cocoa container. Glad the birthday dinner was otherwise lovely!


  2. Happy, happy birthday to Mr. 8 — and I think your cake sounds delicious! 😎


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