Australia Day 2014

Yesterday was Australia Day, Jan 26th. Still a day of contention and BS. I’m not going to comment on any of that.
Each year at Kingston Beach – 30 mins north from us and 10 mins south from Hobart – they have the “Day on the Beach”.
Years ago it was all about the sand sculptures – which were amazing – now it’s a fun day out, beach cricket and volleyball, thong races (inflatable thongs, aka flip flops) with all the food, drinks and  entertainment you can poke a stick at.
Hubby wanted to go along this year and while interested I didn’t the idea of walking for miles after finding a car park. Problem solved.  Five kilometres up the road is the Sports Centre with oodles of parking. Bring in the double decker buses and for a small donation, park and ride with not traffic congestion.
In the end it was just myself and mr 9 who went.
I spent some time at the market along the road (gotta scout for prospective stall holders) while Mr 9 seemed happy to learn volleyball. And that’s where he spent most of the day. I had it easy.
Lots of pictures, met up with hubby and mr 14 who brought the bike for a spin, was sighted by, but missed meeting a fellow blogger and Hobartian (we’ve confirmed it was me she saw), got sunburnt, a long wait for the return bus, and finished off the day with a lovely bbq at my parents.

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9 responses to “Australia Day 2014

  1. excuse my ignorance, what is Australia day? Is that something similar to what we here in the U.S. celebrate on 4th of July i.e. our so called independence day?


    • Certainly is. And like I said, lots of contention surrounding the date. It was the day white man came to this country, but for the indigenous people it became invasion day. Many people call it that today, and there are calls to change the date, but then arguments on which date to pick. You just can’t please everyone, and there is always someone with a chip on their shoulder or who wants to complain.


    • Are the many issues with your national day like we have?


  2. whiteladyinthehood

    Mr.9 is too cute!


  3. Wowawee! Totally beautiful!


  4. Wow, Jen, it’s gorgeous!! What beautiful pics.


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