Did you know…?

Have a problem with papparazzi?
It actually means ‘buzzing mosquitos’ in Italian.  Yeah, sounds about right.
Actually, never mind the mosquitos, locusts more like…

Ever thought that maybe a watermelon would be nicer in a different shape..?   Well, the Japanese have square ones.
Wonder if they taste any better?

We all know that babies can be little animals at some point, but here’s something else to compare them… their sense of smell is so strong they can recognise their mother by smell alone.

Ever had anyone tell you they’ll be there ‘in a jiffy’…. well, it’s most likely that they wont, given that a jiffy is actually 1/100th of a second, Unless of course you’re some superhero.

Ok, okay, oh-kay… no matter how you say it, OK is the msot popular word in the world. Ok?

And even though the French like to kiss alot, it is illegal for a person to kiss another on railways… but it’s fine to kiss yourself..??


4 responses to “Did you know…?

  1. I never know quite what to expect from you, Jen! Love it!


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