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A short story – Love

Another off-the-cuff short story.

The anticipation was too much. She had waited too long for this moment, and keeping the tears in check was proving difficult. Although they had only met twice, they shared a pain that not many would understand. A shared experience. And a friendship that would last, no matter what.
The first time they met, he had come to her and they had talked. A lot. Some sight seeing. You know the drill. Visit someone’s home town, to get to know them, you have to visit their haunts, take the time in their playground.
The second time, she had visited him. A lot more talking. Theirs was a friendship that was solid. A deeper connection was made. They both knew. But were they both in denial.

It had been six months, they had spoken every day. But nothing would seal the deal more than being together.
They both knew it. But were never sure if they could admit it. They needed what the other could give. But was it too early. The conflict played on their minds. Happiness vs loyalty to the dead.
To admit was to open their heart, to face the possibility of rejection and pain. But in their hearts they knew it was right.

Walking in through the arrivals gate he glanced around, out of habit (checking out those waiting) rather than because he expected anyone to be there for him. He hoped, but wasn’t sure if she would reciprocate.
The place was packed, and he knew it would be a long process just to get his bags. This airport was renowned for being haphazard and slow.
Not knowing quite why, feeling something calling to him, he looked up, and straight into her eyes. Across the hall, she stood out like a beacon to him, and he knew coming back was the right thing to do.

He lifted her into is arms, and as their lips met, they knew this was where they belonged.


Jennifer 🙂