Use old Postcards – Time travelers

Because I love postcards!

primarolia NYC

You could buy a postcard from many places and send one to your mates, family or boyfriend or girlfriend. You can chose from a special topic, a vintage photo of your city or the city you are at this moment; you can send a flower or your favorite animal; you can even send a vintage humor postcard to make fun of your friends. Try it. It’s really GREAT experience!

Let’s see some history…

In 1861, John Charlton of Philadelphia created the first private postal card and applied for a patent on Dec. 17, 1861. He sold the idea to H. L. Lipman, who printed cards marked “Lipman’s Postal Cards.”

Government postcards came onto the market in 1873. Postcards were novelties because of the pictures and designs that they used. By 1907, millions of postcards were in circulation, and in 1906, Eastman Kodak made a camera called the “Folding Pocket Camera”…

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7 responses to “Use old Postcards – Time travelers

  1. The professor is becoming a fan too!


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