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Recipe request.

I posted last week about some yoghurt cupcakes I made that were totally delish and said I would post the recipe to a reader who was very excited about them.
So for everyone who wants a super simple, delicious recipe for cupcakes that are a little different, follow on.
Taken from my favourite cooking site – Taste.com.au

Vanilla and Raspberry Cakes.
1 1/2 cups SR flour
1/3 cup castor sugar
1cup vanilla yoghurt – this is where I used my non thickened forest fruits yoghurt
80gr butter melted
1 egg, beaten
1/2 cup frozen rasp – I had none so left them out. Didn’t miss them at all.
Icing sugar to dust.

Oven – 190C
Muffin tins – 3 x 12 mini muffins or 2 x 6 normal/Texas muffin tins

Mix dry ingredients.
Add wet ingredients, folding together.
Fold in raspberries, fill muffin tins.
Bake for 16-18 mins or til cooked.
Cool then sprinkle with icing sugar.

Best eaten the day baked. 🙂

Birthday Baking Bonanza

I made some yoghurt earlier in the week which for some reason doesn’t set the way it should. Weird, because the other I made at the same time set perfectly.
So I decided to see if I could cook with the fruity yoghurt, that was more drinking texture than breakfast food.

I found a lovely little recipe for vanilla cupcakes. Fi girding it won’t be a big change to use berry fruit yoghurt, I went ahead.
They really light and delicious. A berry fruitiness.

Then I had some bananas that needed using. As always.
Not wanting the usual boring banana cupcakes I found a chocolate banana recipe that looked pretty tasty.



Happy Saturday!

Foodie Friday (lasagne, yoghurt and a curry)

Today is the first of my hopefully regular Food Friday posts.
On Wednesday I tried out a lasagne with a difference. My boys enjoy the tuna bake I make and this is simply arranged in a different way.
Tuna Lasagne with a garlic crumb topping. Tuna with a creamy sauce in between layers of pasta with garlic breadcrumbs on top. Sounds pretty delish to me.
It looked really nice but I’d add more garlic and seasoning to the sauce, and mix the tuna into it. The garlic topping was a lovely addition and made it.
While my boys grumbled a bit it was still eaten. If you want a quick lasagne but have no beef mince or the time to cook then this is perfect. You could even swap the tuna for either salmon or chicken (those easy pre cooked ones you get form the supermarket).




Yo-plus yoghurt maker. Make your own at home.

I had been hesitant to get one of these thinking the yoghurt would be either bland or too acidic. That all changed a month or so ago when I tried some that a friend had made. Oh. my. god. Creamy and light and full of flavour. I had to get one.
Not finding one in all the usual places I forgot about it til I did the groceries yesterday and there it was. On the shelf begging me to buy it. It takes about 12 hours to make a batch so I figured I’ll get home and it will be ready for breakfast. Mr 9 decided on the strawberry flavour so we were off.
How it works: water and flavour sachet are mixed in the smaller container then placed in the larger capsule. Boiling water is poured over the top and the lid screwed on. Into the fridge Onto the bench and 12 hr’s later you have yoghurt.

And I stuffed up, royally (i seem to be doing that a lot lately, the easy things I’m making a hash out of, pisses me right off). Hence the correction above. DO NOT refrigerate until the yoghurt is set. So onto the bench it goes and we will check back in a few more hours.

You can get all manner of flavours from natural and Greek styled to regular flavours including low fat options.
Cost wise it’s better than buying the tubs. For a kilo here it’s around $7 and the sachets are between $4 & $5 so once you’ve made at least three the canister has paid for itself ($22) and you then it’s simply cheap yoghurt. I’ll just buy a couple of flavours with each food shop so it’s handy and always ready.



Slow cooked beef curry for dinner tonight.
I love my slow cooker. The boys not so much.
The beef is in (10am) and by 6 tonight will be melt in the mouth tender ready to eat with rice and greens.
I roughly chopped the beef and sliced and onion and poured over a tin of tomatoes. In a jug I mixed 1 or 2 tspns each beef stock powder, curry powder, seeded mustard and a tablespoon of gravy powder. Mixed to two cups with water and then into the pot. I’m hoping the gravy will help to thicken the sauce, if not, then an hour before I can turn it to high and remove the lid/add corn flour.



As I get ready to publish this, the curry is smelling really good and the yoghurt has thickened slightly, (it’s now sitting on the bench where it was supposed to be) but it seems I may be heading out this afternoon so picking up another sachet could be on the cards for a second go.

Enjoy your Friday, I’m off to get pizza bases ready for tomorrow night.
Jennifer 🙂

Happy Weekend!

Goood morning Saturday!!! And what better way to start than with a bowl that looks this good – paired with a cup of caffeine of course –


Have a great weekend 🙂

Let me introduce you to Gym…

Ok, so I’m heading into day 4 and so far have worked out my own circuit at the gym and already starting to feel the benefits.
‘Yeah right’ you may be saying. I did start my better eating plan a week ago so I’m feeling less sluggish before I even start which means I feel the endorphines sooner than I think I would otherwise.

First up, let me tell you about our gym. It is in the local community centre, across the road from the school and while it is not filled with mirrors and state of the art equipment it has everything you need to do a decent workout or 2. Numerous exercise bikes, a cross trainer, rowing machine, treadmill, skipping ropes and all the weights & dumb bells you can poke a stick at.
They have several general gym classes available, a fit fusion (some kind of mixed up Pilates ) class and being open to anyone who wants to come as a casual.

There is a key to the gym in the Centre’s office or you can call the caretaker to arrange a time for them to open after hours. Most days the gym is open anyway during office hours.

Costs… this is the best bit. Unlike most gyms where you have to pay a registration fee and then crazy weekly fees, this is simply a per class or per session if you come and do your own thing.
I think classes are around the $10 mark. Average price for a gym class but the casual rate is $2. Yep, $2. Which is to cover basic cleaning and maintenance costs and it’s on the Honesty system. (ie: they trust you to pay as you go) and considering they have just bought a couple of new items I’d say there are enough people attending.
When I went in this morning I paid up not just for the rest of this week, but next week aswell. Paying in advance will keep me motivated to go back.

My routine has consisted of:
skipping warm up – 2 mins
– rowing machine – 5 mins/1000m
– cross trainer – 5 mins
– treadmill – walk 1 min/jog 1 min/run 2 mins/walk 2 mins (or something similar)
– arm exercises with weights:
triceps kickback, bicep curl, overhead triceps extension, lateral raises, shoulder press, and the last one I can’t find a name for, but I have seen it one of my dvd’s, its similar to a bicep curl but instead of twisting the hands outwards they stay facing forward.
I’m currently using 2kg each side, and 10 reps a piece with my aim to go to say 5kg and hold the reps. I want tone not bulky muscle)

– have a (large) drink and repeat.

This usually makes it to about the 45 min mark and I am definitely feeling it. After another week or so I’ll up it so I do a full hour.
Finishing with stretches to loosen up and make sure I’m not stiff and sore the next day.
Always stretch after exercising or you will not be able to move the next day! Even if you don’t think you need to. Believe me, I’ve done it and stretching works wonders.

Before I head off to see Gym, I do my normal morning routine – emails, blogs, FB from overnight (given most of my friends are in the northern hemisphere and as such the times are all out) while I eat breaky.

Now you may think that having breakfast before I go to the gym will only result in me getting a stitch or similar. Quite the contrary. Breakfast is to break the fast, so I’m feeding my body and giving it fuel to get through the following activities. I’ve found yoghurt with muesli & milk (and a coffee) is small enough to keep me going but not too much to feel stuffed.
I then feed the body again once I get home. By the time I shower and then put on a load of washing etc it becomes more of a brunch. Usually a boiled egg with toast, or a small tin of tuna and salad. Good proteins. This will keep me happy til mid afternoon when it’s snack fruit time while I think about dinner.

Main meals, I try to just keep my portions small and have more veg and salad. Fish will be playing a big part this summer Spring I think.

So that’s where I am, and feeling really good.
Thinking I may put hubby to shame. The boys have put bets on who’s going to get into shape quicker, or actually do it the end of the year. And seeing as their father lost in spectacular fashion last year on his bet, I think it’s a shoe in for me. (this is his challenge!! as I know he reads this).

Keep healthy and keep moving.
Crank up the music and dance like no one is watching 😀