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Sunday Brunch

After a couple of busy days with family and friends, hubby and I took a walk this morning which culminated in this delicious 11am feast with coffee.


Have a good day, see you next week.
Jen 🙂


Snug Falls

We took a wander off to Snug Falls this morning with friends – sunny but fresh weather, icy cold at the falls, easy and fun exercise for all.
It takes about 30 mins to take the 1km walk down – it’s uphill all the way back! – but with the recent rain the falls were in full flow with the surrounding area looking lush and green (albiet slimy) with lots of photo opportunities. I have to practice with my water shots as I only got a few out of today’s lot that were worth even a consideration for publication.
The mini gallery will be up tomorrow on the Box but here’s a couple to keep you going.



Russell Falls, Mt Field National Park.

Russell falls post , take 2.
I was not happy when with my finger rapidly descending upon the publish button the iPad throws a tanty and there goes my post. Poof. Off into the never never, never to be recovered. And after all that it had taken me all day to get the time to actually write it. Was so not happy, I didn’t even think to just add a picture of our trip.

Route: Middleton to Mt Field via Bridgewater

Distance and time: 120km and 2.5 hrs. Return trip left 1pm arrive home 6pm.

Stops: Snug to pick up eldest’s girlfriend, Bridgewater for a snack breakfast and coffee, 30 mins.


We were after a family day trip before hubby headed back to work for two weeks, but didn’t want to go too far. The bike had to be returned so we took it for one last squirt giving everyone a last ride.
Russell Falls are one of our states most photographed and iconic places to visit. Maybe we’re a little old and jaded now, we didn’t find as much inspiration as we thought is time around. The kids loved it took lots of their own photos. It seems iPods and phones are handy for something other than the obvious.
A bit of a surprise was the dinosaur we saw on the track..

And unfortunately I feel I will the shortest in our family in the not too distant future. As you can see, eldest has overtaken even his father.

Our waterfall destinations…

Russell Falls.



The falls are over three levels and we were a bit disappointed you can only access the bottom and top, they’ve moved the path to skip the middle altogether.
Horseshoe Falls.


I was looking forward to walk from the last falls that winds around the river to the camping ground. Oh no. Not to be, they’ve changed everything, so we had to walk up a maintain of stairs, follow the track along the top of the hill and then wind back down to the car park. Not very happy, or fit.


Lunch was had in a hut right next to river, she we and plenty of time to relax. No eating and then rushing off.
The bike was washed and returned to its owners. I took eldest to work and returned to pick up biker people.
Dropping off the girlfriend we finally arrived home to a very happy dog 11 hours after we left home.
A lovely if tiring day out.



More pictures over here

Have a great week
Jennifer 🙂

Come for a walk with me…

Come with me, and let me show you the scenery as I take my 5.5k walk.  You have to be careful though, there’s not much room in some places to walk, and the roadkill can get quite pungent…

Turning left from my house and heading down the hill, south, towards the shopimage

Follow the road around to the right, avoiding a stop at the shop,  and watch the cows as they watch you (ok, heifer, steer, Bovine creature)image

A short distance later, turn left and heading south again, follow the long and winding road (only a few hundred metres)image

a vege garden along the wayimage

just past here, we turn left, heading downhill slightly towards the water image

and checking out lush paddocks on the way image

the start of the Esplanade, turning left and heading north for 2k (past the playground, boat ramp and old jetty at the bottom of our road) image

the second last uphill, near the end of the esplanade image

The highway, turn left here, and go for 500 mt up the hill, nearly there image

Home! Not bad, and it only took 45 mins (or 4-5 mins if you’re reading this..) image

If I fancy a shorter walk, I cut it in half by heading down my road to the esplanade and then follow this trip.  The dog usually comes on this one. He’s tired enough to not misbehave on the lead near the road by the time we get there.