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Retro music Monday

Admit it. At some stage, those of us who are old enough to know, still like to get our groove on to old 80’s music. No? It’s just me. Ah well.
Still in tidy mode and clearing things up, I was looking for a new home to 3 boxes of ….cassettes. Yup, you read that right. We still have a portion of the many cassettes that were bought with hard earned teenage money. Who remembers having to do this…

20130624-162131.jpg I think every tape I got out had to be re wound tightened to some degree.
A lot were ruined in a a minor car incident – when the car started leaking and we found them floating on the floor of the back seat one morning. Ok, it wasn’t quite that bad, but they were ruined none the less. And they were the good ones. High rotation kind of good ones.
Not like this one


And with the sun shining, the doors wide open – and no neighbours that close by to be bothered – cranked up the volume. And not just on any old stereo. An old vintage Sony cassette recorder that I bought from a friend for hubby, coz he loves the old stuff. Well, I do too, and the sound is pretty good. A little crackly, but not too bad.


What am I listening to. Some things that are definitely best left in the 80’s and some that are, well, better.
Looking in the boxes, there are two distinct types. Compilation tapes (hubby) and straight albums or “best of’s”. Mine.
Sart by thinking Kim Wilde,Jenny Morris, ZZ Top, Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Rod Stewart and they’re the good ones. There are plenty of others, like Boney M (hmm?) Psuedo Echo (I loved these boys, who were HOT as only 80’s pop stars can be), Madonna (me again, all of them now purchased as CDs), Roxette, Cyndie Lauper, Gloria Estefan. And quite a few doozies I’m not going to mention. I think you get the picture. This doesn’t stop me taking on the “dance like no one is watching” thing and believe me, you don’t want to see that!

Lets see what else was in there

20130624-162709.jpg a soundtrack to a movie I haven’t seen, Mozart? and other bits.

20130624-162919.jpg all I see there is Milli Vanilli… ~hangs head in shame ūüė¶ ~

20130624-163322.jpg and a few interesting pieces there. Out of these, Melissa Ethridge has made the transition to cd.
I can’t finish this without including a clip of some sort. But what. Frankie goes to Hollywood, Duran Duran, Milli Vanilli (not sure I’d really do that to you, could be good for a laugh). No, I think a little classic ZZ Top will fit the bill nicely.

What are your faves from the 80’s, were there any??

~From your friendly un cool 80’s chick ~ Jen ūüôā

Random things before the New Year begins…

This has been in progress for nearly a week… I start, I stop, and have finally made myself stop everything else¬†and to¬†sit¬†and finish the last blog for this year… ha, I love this time of year, ‘see you next year…’ etc is everywhere, sounds funny, even if it is only a few days away.

So a few more random things that I feel like sharing, inane, silly, profound (never, lol) and certainly not deep and meaningful.  Final year fluff to read from me.

1: I made my very first Gingerbread house for Christmas.¬† Now I wont be winning any prizes for construction (nor my son for his¬†decorating skills) but it looked like a house and I now want to make another.¬† Lesson learned though… melted sugar hurts like the be-jeezers.¬† Nice little blister on my ‘rude’ finger.. lol

Ta-daaa! Our house.

2: set up my phone and laptop for sync-ing.¬† By myself and by all accounts presently, it has worked!¬† Of course these things are pretty easy, but as I’ve said before, computers and me don’t always see eye to eye, so I am always proud of myself if I do it without any outside help.

3: Am procrastinating on a tyre changing marathon…. no, not how many I can do in a set time, but an awkward front to back swapsies with one jack…

(let’s go like this: jack up back, skinny tyre off, broken mag on, jack down/jack up front, mag off, skinny wheel on, jack down/jack up back, broken mag off, good mag on, jack down. Car fixed)

Ok, job got done (good workout, as those mag wheels are quite heavy) and then it went off to get two brand new tyres (I feel safe now)

4: I am going to try really, really hard (coz I get distracted so easily!) to start the year with Vintage. Bags and jewellery.  Then to work on Upcycling.

my new Vintage Bags, to go with the Jewellery book (just need the Vintage Accessories)

5: Dislikes it coz I’m usually the only one who eats them, so bad for me with the big appetite, but great, coz I love eating Xmas lunch leftovers (all that ham, dip and sweet things, like a gingerbread house, although¬†I can share that one….)¬†mmmm.

6: Wonders whether my hubby actually¬†goes to work¬†or if he is on some kind of holiday.. lol. He sent me an email of the Christmas Menu they had… OMG more like a 5 star hotel.

7: A busy time ahead… New Yeas Eve, hubby home, Mr 15’s friend arrives for 12 days from Mt Isa,¬†we visit my sister in Smithton, then 2 weeks rest, a market or two where I can fit them in, the big Middleton Expo, school starting back¬†and then my friend from the US arrives for 2 weeks!¬†¬†¬†Think I’ll need a holiday¬†after that. ūüôā

8: I get bored easily. ok, not the ‘I have nothing to do’ variety, but the ‘short attention span/want to try something else/see another bead or piece of material and I have to make something out of that’ variety.¬† Hence the reason I am changing my beady ‘space’ around. Again.¬† And for some reason, the way I have it now, can’t believe¬†I never looked at this positioning before.. doh.¬† But also coz there seemed not enough ‘room’ or ‘space’.¬† I was starting to feel cluttered and closed in.¬† Also the reason my market table/s seem to change so often.¬† I think¬†I have it right and then see another prop and have to have it, so more changes are made…. gotta keep people on their toes. lol.

9: back to my phone, did I say I love it already..? trying to make things easier, searching the apps (omg, don’t talk to me about apps!…) and that in itself is hard work. Which one is right, will it do everything¬†I need it to… so I have now have 6 different shopping list apps to gradually try out, gotta give¬†each one¬†a few trips to decide.¬† But have got a great exercise one – Runkeeper¬†– might keep me motivated.¬†¬† After all I will see it several times a day, every day.

Think that’s enough fluff and random things for one year… so keep smiling and I’ll see you next year! ūüôā

Jennifer xo

Vintage and Retro Rock! – Op-Shop Party

A few weeks ago at one of the Woodbridge markets there was a Fab new¬†stall – clothes.¬† (Check out Audrey & Elizabeth on Facebook)¬† Now, as you may already know – I LOVE clothes, especially second-hand.¬† Aside from the price, they’re already worn in and softened, plus if you don’t care for the latest fashions, and are happy to spend time scouring the racks, you can pick up some really good quality pieces.

After having a look through the racks and seeing a few nice things.. like the bright red jeans! the lady told me that she can do home parties… you know the sort, like Tupperware, only clothes.

I was sold.  I took some cards and over the next few days asked around and found there would be enough interest to hold a par-tay.

Date booked, with a friend inviting most of the ladies (I don’t know too many after being away, see here) and myself a few, I got organised with the food.¬†¬†I am a shocker for these things.¬† Always have too much food.¬† If 10 are coming I end catering for 30. lol¬† I look at it and think, ‘no, I need more’.¬† So all I wanted was dips, bikkies, egg sangas¬†(everyone eats them, no matter what they say about eggs) and cupcakes.¬† Easy peasy, and no stress at all.

mini cupcakes - they went down well.

my tomato tarts. I cut them in half for smaller nibbles.

I also¬†decided to make something I had not tried before.¬† Now I know the rules here, don’t¬†try something new when you have guests coming as it often doesn’t work.¬† I figured by making my tomato mini tarts early and¬†they failed it wouldn’t matter and no-one would even see them…¬† They did¬†work and¬†were all eaten.¬† Not bad I say.

This time around, because I have never had much luck with these types of parties (ie, no one turns up) I was going strictly casual, no stress, not worried at all.¬† And it worked.¬† Of course, there are a few nerves before it all starts, but judging by the noise and the fact there were half-dressed¬†women in three different rooms I think it was a¬†success. ūüôā¬†¬† I must say thanks to my son’s here for staying their room with the door shut and behaving.¬† I am proud of them ūüôā¬† I think the thought of seeing women half-dressed was enough to keep them at bay, lol

The best part about this, and what made it more relaxing was that aside from a small gift for having a party & on getting a booking, there are no other incentives.¬† It doesn’t matter if people only buy 1 thing or 10.¬† Or nothing.¬† Like that’s ever gonna happen.

Before the lady had finished setting up people¬†were looking¬†and some had items ready to try on… that’s how it goes… there was also a congregation on my beading corner with drawers being opened and lots of comments about Christmas, and mother in-laws…

I did have to cull my¬†¬†pile of clothes… but I am very happy with my purchases… Colorado 3/4 pants, those red jeans, a funky pair of striped pants (fit like a dream and are sooo¬†comfy I didn’t take them off again..), a brown vest (bought to match my skirt), a blue jacket, a red bomber style jacket, and numerous tops.¬† Ten things for $52… Now you can’t go to any other clothes party and get value like that.¬† Plus, no one else will have the same items. Unlike, other said parties…

the most comfy (& funky) pants i have worn in a long time ūüôā

the other items I picked up. including a pretty floral top/dress, the most gorgeous frilly tanktop, and a great blue jacket.

Two of my friends have booked a party, so come next year, I’m off again.¬† I have thought of doing this quarterly… wonder what hubby will say.

back to the jewellery… I was not going to promote my goodies as such, because¬†it was not about me, but on having fun and being with friends.¬† Having said that I sold 2 items, have a hold on another and a tentative booking for some wedding jewellery in Sept next year.¬† Plus a local¬†lady who owns holiday accommodation has taken a small stack of cards to put in the rooms…

All is good, despite the rain, misty horrible stuff.

Keep smiling ūüôā