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I’ve done it again…

Got my baking fix, that is.
I was going to say “here’s afternoon tea” but 3pm turned into 10.30, and it’s never too late or early to have a soft, fluffy cupcake or rich, fudgy brownie.

36 full size vanilla cupcakes with pink and yellow icing and a double batch of brownies done 3 ways – plain, dates and with cherries.

Recipe request.

I posted last week about some yoghurt cupcakes I made that were totally delish and said I would post the recipe to a reader who was very excited about them.
So for everyone who wants a super simple, delicious recipe for cupcakes that are a little different, follow on.
Taken from my favourite cooking site – Taste.com.au

Vanilla and Raspberry Cakes.
1 1/2 cups SR flour
1/3 cup castor sugar
1cup vanilla yoghurt – this is where I used my non thickened forest fruits yoghurt
80gr butter melted
1 egg, beaten
1/2 cup frozen rasp – I had none so left them out. Didn’t miss them at all.
Icing sugar to dust.

Oven – 190C
Muffin tins – 3 x 12 mini muffins or 2 x 6 normal/Texas muffin tins

Mix dry ingredients.
Add wet ingredients, folding together.
Fold in raspberries, fill muffin tins.
Bake for 16-18 mins or til cooked.
Cool then sprinkle with icing sugar.

Best eaten the day baked. ūüôā

How to make a good cup of coffee….

Love it or hate it, everyone has an opinion on coffee.¬† Instant or the Real deal (which ever way you make it).¬†Milk¬†before or after the water? Milk at all? Strong or Weak (what’s the point then??) X-small to super large cups…


(I have been itching to do a post about coffee for a long time¬†but haven’t had the right conversation to post…. I do now)


On return from my market¬†Sunday¬†I was in desperate need of a coffee, as usual.¬† I got caught up so hubby started the process – nothing wrong there, he has finally figured out how to make mine right (if he thinks it looks too strong then it’s pretty good to me).¬† I then noticed as he got the milk out that he poured milk into his cup, on top of the coffee and sugar, euck.¬† Well, that started it… ‘how can you drink that, when did you start drinking coffee like that..’ and so on.¬† He reckons it tastes better, or at least not too bad.¬† But then again this is the man who rarely has coffee anyway, so he knows nothing.

Personally I hate coffee made this way.¬† It dilutes the flavour of the coffee and makes it taste icky, weak and too creamy.¬† I even tell people when I visit, ‘milk after the water please’.

There was also the comment made about ‘it burns the coffee with water first…’¬†being cheeky of course, but I had to check it out.

To make sure we’re all on the same page here, this is instant¬†I’m talking about.¬† I would love to have a coffee machine of some sort, it may help me slow down on my caffeine intake. As if!

So I google the idea of ‘burning instant coffee’.¬† And you know¬†what…. the jury is out on that one.¬† There were just as many people saying it does as those who say it doesn’t.¬†¬† And then those that say it makes the coffee bitter.¬† I’ve tasted bitter coffee at cafes¬†that should know how to make it.¬†So that must be a load of rot.¬†¬†I also figure that it means my instant isn’t too bad after all.¬† Coffee is bitter by nature essentially, it’s how it’s processed, blended that makes the difference.¬† If you are of the milk first persuasion, then of course it would be bitter with milk after….

There is also the coffee itself to take into account.¬† There are some coffees that really have no right to be called coffee.¬† Like international roast.¬† It is the weakest coffee I’ve ever tasted, and certainly doesn’t give any sort of buzz, no matter how strong you make it.¬† Moccona¬†is ok, but is a creamy gentle flavour of coffee.¬†¬† Me, I like Nescafe¬†Gold, Dark.¬† And on occasion, their Short Black.¬† Full, rich bodied coffee with just enough kick to keep me going, and flavour to enjoy it.¬† As for cafe’s, I am loyal.¬† If I find one with nice coffee I return, and make a point of going back for it.
We can also talk about the¬†‘branded’ coffee places (McCafe, not the ick they make at the regular counter, Gloria Jeans, Banjo’s/Brumby’s, Coffee Club (I don’t have a Starbucks where I live)) and whether their ‘real’ coffee is good enough.¬† I’ve spoken to some people who have said these coffee’s are just not coffee… and you have to go to a ‘proper’ coffee shop.

With the above, in order of good to bad (experience and local venues, and the ‘hit ‘n’ miss points) I would have to say G J’s, Banjo’s, Macca’s and then Coffee Club (as I haven’t been to the local one yet)

During my mini research, I came across a site called ‘coffee snobs’, OMG, they are serious snobs.¬† I mean everyone (who drinks coffee) is a coffee snob because (generally speaking)¬†we all have a preferred way to drink/make it.¬† But these guys make a point of¬†having¬†to¬†‘put up’ with the office instant, or taking their own coffee pot to their parents’ and ask them to try a new blend so they ‘don’t have to say the¬†instant coffee is crap’¬† And their opinion on instant… don’t go there!

Or what about the ‘fake’ latte’s – those sachets that you just add water/milk to…


Then there is the milk issue.¬†¬†I only drink skim milk these days, have done for the last 12 years, so it’s the flavour you get used to.¬† Full cream tastes literally like cream to me, bleugh.¬† Using after the water for me, helps to cool it a little bit and add flavour, not change the entire make up of the coffee.¬† Enough milk to make it smooth and creamy but not enough to dilute it, or too little to taste like a black coffee.


And don’t get me started on adding flavours… I like vanilla in either a cap on occasion or latte, always a vanilla latte. Depending on my mood and how much I want need the hit.

I’m going to leave this one to you now…¬†I want to know¬†how the coffee drinkers like their brew… and even how many people don’t drink it…


Keep drinking,

Jennifer ūüôā