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rumless balls and uncooked cake mix

Number 2 son has done cooking as part of his grade 7 classes and on the last day of term he brought home their cookbook and some rather yummy chocolate truffles, or “rum balls without the rum”.  They were rather morish and on my next trip to the supermarket I purchased a few things to make some more. Said son asked that if I had no rum I should use the vodka I have in the freezer.. ah, yeah, NO.  Well, maybe I half the mix and make myself some vodka balls… (wonder if they would be as potent as jelly shots???)

While I was working on another post he and his father made some cake.  Well my son made and baked a vanilla cake, while hubby did his usual and made and ate the raw mix.

I remember a year or so ago hubby did this, ate half the mix then decided to bake the rest. Well, suffice to say it didn’t work.  It tasted awful.  He looked at the box and proclaimed he knew why…?
Yeah, why?
Because it says ‘low fat’ on it.
Riiight, whatever you believe…
So the next week without telling him, I bought the exact same cake and made it. Served it and he loved it.
Guess what?
That was the same cake you cooked, you want to know why yours didn’t work?
You don’t bake half the mix for same time as a whole mix…
Not sure if he’s learnt his lesson, but will still blame everything else if it happens again.

So here my rumless balls, (with a few vodka balls, now which ones were they…?
No, they are all boys balls.. the balls for the boys… not the adult ones anyway).

Keep smiling and happy baking 🙂