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how much is too much…..?

I’m talking about kitchen utensils here…

I had a baking yesterday, something that has not been done for a very long time and to which my second son said to me “DO NOT leave the baking for that long again”.  I will agree with him as once into the swing of it remembered why every week I would spend several hours of the morning doing cupcakes, slices and the odd cake…

Any hoo, back to what I was talking about.  I was hunting through my drawers and the utensil holders looking for something and being convinced that a box had gone missing during transit (still think that as there are things we cannot find and I know I packed them…) when I re focused and noticed how many spoons, spatulas and tongs I had.
Does a person really need this many bits and pieces??

Consider how organised I usually am I am surpised it got to this state.  I figure that when we moved in I was in too much of a hurry or just plain impatient to get it sorted I didn’t think about it.

my utensils - before.

So today, I emptied the drawers, the holders, the bucket and got to figuring out what was used.   I am a bit anal with some things  so I have a group of spoons (slotted, non slotted, ladle) + spatulas + whisk in both plastic and metal.   Once sorted into their groups I noticed there were a few double ups – def not needed –  so a whole group of them went into the picnic box ready for those camping trips (where I am WAY too organised for any eventuality).

sorted & ready for their new homes.

I now have

  1. a baking drawer – scales (electronic), measuring spoons and cups, mini whisks, rolling pin, patty pans… you know the sort of stuff
  2. a misc drawer – medicine cups, egg cups, lunch bags….
  3. and the drawer with the other bits I will use but not on a regular basis – more tongs, ice cream scoop, pizza wheel, peeler… etc

The Baking drawer

There are now only two utensil holders near the stove, and the two knife blocks I use.  It looks much cleaner and I know what I have and NOW where to find it.

My miniscule stove/sink area - now organised.

Do any of you have a similar situation… too many bits that you really don’t use or those bits you buy coz you may need them later….
I am happy in the knowledge that aside from a slow cooker, a kitchen aid mixer and a new electric frying pan, there is nothing else I need or even want for my kitchen.  I have it just the way I want it.

til next time, keep smiling 🙂

Ciao, Jennifer