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The Office Wall Project

Some more postcards have arrived, some hand delivered, some posted. Thank you to all have joined in, the more the merrier.
A direct quote from Kelly: “many thanks to all you ‘card senders’, you know who you are!!”





Have a great Friday, and may the weekend be warm and joyful 🙂

It’s a Green Weekend

Although not feeling so good this last week I managed to get some beads made before I start on a vintage  bag for my sister.   I had some green beads sent to me from a friend in the UK who hates green and the Pink Parfait from a few weeks ago that needed constructing or re-contrusting, so I hunted out some more greeny beads and got on with it.  My head must have been in the right place as they all went together quite nicely.

Be happy and keep smiling 🙂
and yes I’m way late for St Paddy’s day, or in my case I’m just getting early!